Using the Egyptian spirits to enhance your success in money, love and career…

by admin on July 10, 2018

These aren’t topics to take lightly, but we are going to hit all of them at once head out without reservation – because that’s what real life change is about.

It can’t be that we go through deep and desperate transition just to find ourselves lost and barely found. Life can’t just be ultra rough just to get to the next level every time.

That is mildly foolish and just not something that we should tolerate.

To tackle something like love, money and what we do for a living we need very targeted and powerful spirits to guide us along.

Career and finances might be one topic, but you will find that targeting both separately isn’t so bad, and it can be very efficient and empowering to know that your job and money lives are on track.

That’s just one piece of the entire puzzle, but you will find later that managing your money wisely comes with a lot of benefits – and one Egyptian spirit in particular can help here…

Geb – Enhances your vision of what you can achieve with your money life in general so that everything is much easiest to evolve and manage over time; causes you to think about your finances in a way that brings you more abundance over the years without having to deal with such severe money problems.

Sometimes we just need to appreciate that we aren’t short on money and everything just works well for us.

When you shift your mind and everything else follows suit, you realize that life isn’t so bad and you can easily just move on from those old money worries that seemed to always follow you around.

In other cases you might need to sort out your money life in a bigger way, and that might include just dealing with love and relationship issues indirectly and just in whatever way that works. Because they can directly affect each other, and we don’t ever want them to really go off track too much, because that will lead to personal collapse and financial crisis.

One very curious and powerful love spirit can help us here…

Anubis – Brings you to see how your love life can be enhanced and guides you to make everything stronger and better through the easiest actions you can take; works well even if you aren’t in a relationship whatsoever, but also helps if you have a relationship that you want to enhance over time.

In times where love is an issue, no one wants to go through the crazy pain of not knowing what to do when things get challenging, and you’re also not sure how everything got so far.

Healing and building your love life back up won’t be a bad thing and nothing will be the same ever again – because you put in the effort to make things better, and everything just smoothly changed over time.

These big movements we’re making with money and love don’t need to be a massive shift for you, but once it hits what you really want to do in life – like your career and how you identify yourself in terms of what you do for a living, one last spirit can guide you in the right direction…

Hapi – Enables you to understand what your perfect career is so that you can have a plan of action for entering that and developing yourself in your ideal industry.

It can be pretty interesting to see how much life shifts and everything just comes together after a seismic change like this.

Nothing will be the same, and things will just feel aligned and well tune – very different and nothing like you could have ever expected.

Though you might wonder how everything just came together so suddenly, it won’t matter because you’ll just appreciate and enjoy that everything connected and life was just a whole new world for you.

That is the change that the Egyptian spirits can bring to nearly all quarters of your life – as long as you allow them to shift things for you to make your money, love and careers lives that much better.


Use the Egyptian spirits to enhance your life:

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