Using magick to protect yourself from wrathful enemies…

by admin on June 14, 2018

We all need a bit of help sometimes when our enemies kick up and we can’t easily reject their advances.

Having nasty people in your life is one thing, but having very devious and evil enemies – ones who will go out of their way to mess with you so that you can’t live in peace – and we just can’t let that go on.

When the situation gets so intense that you have to concentrate on them rather than your own life – things can get very serious and when you have the spirits on your side, they honestly don’t stand a chance.

The spirits can rebound even the nastiest damage intended for you – and it doesn’t matter how your enemy exists either.

Some can be very obvious, and other hidden where you don’t even know where they have most of the time.

It’s not something that anyone should go through, but when it happens they need to be dealt with completely – they should not be allowed to harm others like they have, and using the spirits can be the perfect defense and weapon against their bullshit because none of what happens to them will ever be traced back to us – ever.

This is not about trying to get back at people for small offenses – that’s not remotely what we’re getting at here.

When you have a repeat offender messing with you or someone close to you, it can be very frustrating to see that happen, and sometimes we just want to fire back with something that will literally bring them down – and the spirits can help us with that…

Pollux (Greek spirit) – Guides your enemies into complete life collpase or destruction; they are revealed for all their evil acts in very creative ways to those closest to them – and you are protected from any further harm they can cause you.

Riyiyel – Destroys your enemies ability to harm you or others and exposes them for who they truly are to those who matter most to them; causes them to feel a massive life crisis where all their evil acts finally rebound onto them, bringing them into ruin in all the ways that most hurt. Protects you and those closest to you who are affected in ways that prevent any future damage to anyone.

In situations where there are several people affected and one enemy that is out of control – we need to put up protection and take them down so that no else gets hurt.

This can make for a very frustrating and tense situation – especially when several people are involved and they all want to see the enemy go down, but it can make for a very interesting end to their bull crap and all of their future acts in a way that also ruins them and prevents them from doing anything else stupid and hurtful.

Take note that these are not normal people we’re doing with – for whatever reason they can’t stop thinking of ways to harm others, so we have to take them out in the ways that most matter – and that is not a small thing, but the spirits can help us make that happen in a way that we don’t get caught in any further conflict, and we see them go down in a massive life meltdown.

We aren’t trying to ruin their lives on purpose, but if that is what they have intended for others – if they have been trying to actively destroy the lives of others, then we can’t let that slide, and neither can the spirits…

Cthulhu (the Old Ones) – Causes your enemies to be fully revealed for all their evil acts stretching back as far as people can remember; brings them into a full life crisis and meltdown where they no longer hurt others and finally see how horrific their actions have been. All their victims are fully protected can no longer be hurt as the enemy goes down in the most severe and emotionally distressing way possible.

These spirits can activate the most hideous memories for our enemies, and when their friends and loved ones see them for who they truly are – their memories will be filled will all the bullshit they have caused over the years – and that won’t be a small moment for them at all.

This won’t be a good moment for them, and technically we shouldn’t care about what happens to them at this point, but you have to keep in mind that they deserve whatever is coming to them – and the damage they receive is always in proportion to the damage they have caused others – or generally wanted to cause others.

So even if they have by some mistake failed to cause certain damage, all of that rebounds onto them and they feel the full force of their evil piled back into their lives – and that is a very serious moment for them that they will never forget.

In the moments where we know that we have to take a stand and defend ourselves and those close to us, it can be very satisfying to know that the nasty people who try to make our lives difficult are going down – and that the spirits were by our side helping us take back control in our lives.


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