Using magick to enhance your mental clarity…

by admin on April 19, 2018

Everyone wants mental clarity and enhanced memory, but few people know how to get it.

Our spirits allies know how to crank up our minds so that we think clearer and get everything that we need in a timely manner.

But what about mental clearness and health?

Make no mistake that mental health and mental clarity are directly tied together.

You don’t need to be a genius – you just want some clear headedness – a little brain boost to keep you going throughout the day.

Just imagine the best day you’ve ever had with mental quickness.

Now imagine that day every day. That’s how this works.

You don’t have it on an occasional basis – that would be a nightmare for mental quickness to kick in randomly at times you can’t expect.

We’re talking about consistent mental speed and memory, where you can think and remember the stuff you need on a consistent basis without any hassle whatsoever.

That’s what we’re dealing with here – and it’s not a small thing either.

Some spirits deal more with memory than mental clarity and thinking speed.

Other spirits deal with faster thinking speed to solve puzzles easier and other cognitive tasks that requires focus and concentration.

The first few spirits we will cover target thinking speed as it relates to mental clarity…

Asclepius (Greek spirit) – Causes you to think faster with heighted mental clarity in a way that brings you greater cognitive speed (thinking speed); enables you to figure out situations, challenges and puzzles faster.

Chaamiah (fallen angel) – Brings you to think faster with greater mental clarity and thinking speed; enables you to solve challenges, situations and puzzles much faster.

Though these spirits might just target mental clarity and thinking speed, having that during the day when it most counts can be a life saver.

Some people might just need a mental boost so that they can think quickly and with greater clarity – but that’s not all the spirits can help with.

Sometimes we need a little memory boost as well, and if you can think quickly but can’t remember what you were going to say – what use is that?

Ninurta (Sumerian spirit) – Enables the target to think faster with greater memory; they are able to remember what they need, think a little faster, with greater ability to recall all needed details they need.

Dionysus (Greek spirit) – Grants the target faster thinking speed with enhanced memory; they are able to remember everything they need with enhanced mental clarity.

These spirits can be deadly useful – and if you need to remember details for an important occasion, these powers can be incredibly useful.

Couple that with heightened thinking speed and you’re all set.

If you can think faster with greater memory, and nearly completes the series.

But what if you want greater focus and concentration as well?

Sometimes you can thinking pretty clearly but you can’t easily hone your focus to sit down and get work done when needed – and that can be a problem.

One spirit in particular can help with focus, memory and general mental clarity – this is a trio that is not to be under estimated…

Eshaliah (fallen angel) – Grants the target greatly enhanced focus, memory and general mental clarity; allows you to be fully mentally sharp when it most counts.

These spirits can put your brain into over drive and cause you to think faster while remembering all the important details you need.

If ever you’ve had the desire to have a faster and more efficient brain – this is pretty much it.

In this case it doesn’t require a shift in diet – you just have to work with the spirit to have them shift your mind in just the right ways so that you can be mentally clear and quick witted.

This is not about creating a new lifestyle shift or anything – nothing like that.

All we are doing is shifting your mind so that you can process information faster and remember things better.

Add in a dash of focus and concentration, and you’re all set – and the spirits can help you achieve all of that.


Enhance your mind using the Greek spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

Sumerian spirits:

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