Using jupiter and plutus to reach financial abundance…

by admin on March 1, 2019

Describing the present and past without too much trouble…

Tends to get us into a headache of problems…and that is likely because we attempted and tried far too hard in all the wrong directions.

Because nothing really makes any sense, and all of our lies and lives have to go into a certain direction –

With only a few handfuls of luck and more disaster than you can possibly…not even handle, but muster in your own very lucky and fortune filled ways…

And it matters that we are so respective and pleased with whatever has occurred – but only as long as we have attained and reached our own personal abundance and internal courage to break through into the next plane and plateau of what this world honestly and truly –

At this point we just have to dive in headfirst and know that a few cautiously strong and powerful spirits can help us reach and exceed some of our money related goals…

Jupiter (planetary spirit) – Changes your money beliefs to only empowering and positive things and ideas that can help you out long term, then guides you to change your financial situation insanely for the better through large and simple tweaks that can change your life for the better.

Plutus (Greek spirit) – Develops your finances and money habits in a way that drastically changes your money life overall for the better, then guides your thinking and long term actions to be more aligned with prosperity in your actions, thoughts and general mindset.

These spirits might feel a bit obscure in the way that they approach money…

But we have to keep in mind that flexible actions and thinking are needed to correct every unbalanced situation –

And that means that we have to understand our lives in terms of horribly neglected ideas and situation…and those might accidentally be our mistakes and false promises from the past that need to be remedied – or else trashed and thrown out.

This is how we have to approach the near and far futures, and that goes with a lot of necessary effort – but still without the unneeded thoughts, errors and miss timed actions that obviously hold us back –

Because who knows what the future will bring, aside from likely…good fortune, and bad luck for those who trespass against our efforts to become better people, and that is especially true for our finances in general…

Which is only true because we are attempting very greatly to better our lives, and yes – nothing else will stand in our way aside from our own foolish…hopefully thrown out past thoughts and very mistaken actions –

And other blatant ideas of insurrection and very hideous neglect in general.
Just know that jupiter and plutus can help no matter how crazy and rough your situation and life over all might be…

Because we’re moving on now, and that’s what they can very simply guide us and aid us with.


Amplify your finances using the Greek spirits:

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