Using jupiter and mercury to resolve insane challenges…

by admin on March 17, 2019

Developing the mental acuity and sharpness to create a wonderful life –

Often starts with simple and very small changes to our worlds, and life in general becomes far greener and happier.

We have to internalize and accept that we can change everything for the better…

But this is all going to come apart in ridiculous crazy ways that no one really can feel into yet –

And that cannot technically completely matter – because we have the planetary spirits to help us out…

Jupiter (planetary spirit) – Destroys massive confusion around problems, issues and challenges in such a way that we are brought into great clarity and understanding which thereby resolves the situation or set of negative circumstances.

Mercury (planetary spirit) – Brings great clarity and resolve to a hideously complex and hard to fix or solve situation that cannot easily be helped through any other means, then shifts time and reality to help completely resolve whatever the problem or situation is.

Once clarity hits and everyone is wondering what happened –

You will know and internally feel that life is never so badly off.

We all know that challenges arise sometimes, but it is not something so intensely bad – nor it is a huge problem that our minds and emotions cannot easily settle these issues and challenges…

But that is why we have the gods and spirits of this world and universe guide us into better thoughts, situations and thankfully…resolved events that literally don’t have to linger –

And that is the gift and lesson here, but only if we harness that power and go with the flow of life as a whole and allow these spirits to guide us along the way.


Resolve life challenges using the planetary spirits:

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