Using fallen angels to reveal your spiritual path…

by admin on September 12, 2018

If you are at all questioning or confused about your spiritual path – we will be shedding light into your future through some very powerful misunderstood angels.

Think of this like lighting a torch that illuminates a very dark hallway.

Without he torch you would bump into things along the way – likely causing you pain – and you wouldn’t easily be able to navigate your way forward.

Most don’t think about their spiritual path much.

They might bring up religion erroneously, but that has nothing to do with what they’re really digging at here.

It’s kind of like asking someone if they have a method of transportation while you’re talking to them in their car…

…it might be implied that they drive that car, but the paths that people walk and what they have others think they walk are often two very different things.

It cannot be over stated that walking your own path – aligned with who you truly are – is kind of the only way forward.

If you feel out of alignment the next move is to have a spirit guide you along your path…

Lavel – Guides you to understand stand your path in a way that you can perfectly understand where you’re going and who you are; you just ‘get’ how to get to where you need to go with your spiritual path.

Lehachiah – Enables you to understand your life path in a way that you can know where to go from here; let’s you understand past lessons in a perfect way that brings you to deep realizations about who you are and where you’re going.

These powers might almost feel abstract to some people, but they are very clear and obvious once you feel it.

It’s like trying to describe the feeling of serenity to someone who wants to feel it, but has no idea what that is.

It’s pretty remarkable how things come together once you know and understand your spiritual path – pretty much completely – and you push forward knowing exactly what to do.

It’s not really comparable to be on your spiritual path and to not really know who are you and where you’re going.

Like doing a long road trip in a car, but you don’t have the directions for your destination.

You don’t have a map, and you vaguely know where you’re going, but it is horrifying to realize that you don’t know exactly where your stop is.

No one does this. They do all they can to plan first – understand their path, how to navigate – then they launch.

It is always better to know your path than to tread without knowledge of where you’re headed, and one last spirit can help with that…

Hahahel – Aids in your personal understanding so that you can evolve in a way that perfectly suits your life path; you will have the perfect direction to know where you want to go, and how to get there.

Using spirits like these can boost your life understanding in a way that you could only dream of.

It’s not what you think, and it’s often note remotely what you expected.

Like to a new school that’s amazing – but defies all your expectations in a surreal and unexpected way.

It’s just good around, but you could have never predicted it would be this way.

That’s the point of understanding yourself and embracing who you truly are through full illumination – this is what being awake is about – you feel and detect that you and the consciousness are aligned.

As long as you allow the fallen angels to guide you in the ways that count the most, you will find your awakening and your spiritual path again.


Find your spiritual path using the fallen angels:

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