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by admin on February 28, 2018

It is a deep misconception in the occult world that only demons can be used to curse.

This isn’t remotely true.

Honestly, in certain circumstances angels can be far more devastating (think angels of wrath – those angels are NOT playing around).

Both demons and angels use a system of justification for causing damage.

Has the enemy truly harmed you?

Have they done something they really think they’ll get away with?

Is this something that you feel you need to step up on and deal with directly?

If you’ve thought of cursing an enemy, the spirits might be guiding you to do just that.

That’s the thing with spirits and magick; you don’t realize that spirit resonance takes effect as soon as you think of using spirits for whatever purpose. They’re equally thinking of you to use them for that thing.

Thought resonance is definitely a thing for spirits. They can feel you thinking about them, and you feel them thinking about helping you when you associate a spirit with helping you with something.

This is already pretty deep magickal theory (not so much theory, if you talk to them they’ll just tell you this is the case). But the fact that angels can be used deeply for curse work is sort of a misunderstood topic in the occult (occult = hidden knowledge).

Here are some spirits in my rolodex of curses that are very useful for a variety of curse work.

Lavel – power to bring justice to enemies

Melahel – power to bring enemies to their knees; substantial damage

Eshaliah – emotional torment

Riyiyel – to ruin the reputation of enemies

Vevaliah – Destroys enemies

This is not a big list of angels that can destroy your enemies, but do you see how useful this can be?

This is about rectifying injustice.

Demons do roughly the same thing, but have a different way of attacking the same issues.

If you’re curious, forcalor is not the only spirit that can cause death.

Angels cause death all the time (if it is warranted – it is never done unnecessarily) but demons rarely kill (think of the angel of death – there every time a human dies).

Vevaliah used to be a widely used angel that caused mild pain to enemies. He destroyed them however way was easiest. But he isn’t really to be used for more severe cases.

That’s where a combination of the others would be useful, and it often isn’t even considered by most occultists.

Let’s say an enemy has a business and they’ve fucked you over (it’s happened to me too often to count).

I might use Melahel, Riyiyel and Eshaliah to bring them a heavy amount of damage over time.

These are not commonly used curse angels, but many angels can curse that aren’t widely known.

This would bring heavy damage to my foe, cause emotional torment, then later bring reputation ruining destruction to their business (I deal with a lot of nasty business people).

Is cursing something I do often?

Not at all.

It’s just something I reserve for worst case scenarios that are terribly nasty and need a severe lesson.

The bigger question that might come up when planning curse work is whether demons or angels are better for your situation.

That really depends on what you want to have happen.

I think of the angels as causing soul crushing damage that can possibly lead to life collapse.

The demons cause mental and emotional torment. They know how to bring up nasty memories from the past to give harsh lessons to those who don’t learn very well.

Here I am not considering the lessons that fallen angels can bring (the qlippoth – which can be thought of as very harsh cursing angels. They can bring complete life collapse).

Stacking angelic rituals for their curse work is not something most people do.

Whenever people bring this up to me, I always recommend one larger curse then the remaining rituals be aimed at themselves for personal enrichment.

You never want to dwell on your enemies too much. I have seen the people who get obsessed with cursing, and that process never really ends.

Do you want to use magick to enhance your own life, or to ensure your enemies never get ahead?

This is a very big decision you have to come to terms with. Here I am giving you the knowledge to get back at your enemies but it cannot become a thing that you obsess over. It must always be done in proportion to the damage done to you, and no more.

So how do you know enough is enough?

You do a curse, if that’s really the path you decide to go down, then you forget about it and just let the spirits take care of your enemies.

Obsession in this regard is more about people not putting trust / faith into the spirits, thereby causing them to think too much about their results ie. their enemies going down.

This is where I would word your request to the angels very carefully.

Why not add into your request something like:

“I ask not to think / consider my enemies past this point. I ask that you allow me full release from results, and from my enemies.”

If needed, do a request to Elemiah to release from results and this should help you A LOT with letting go of your enemies. She will also guide you to whatever rituals you need to both release from results and boost your own life path so that you naturally become better than your enemies (or just better in general).

The angels want to see you do well, become a better person, and NOT dwell on your enemies.

Only crappy people dwell on all the people they’ve fucked over, and we aren’t part of that group.

The angels will help you gain justice for your situation, but harsher punishments are literally only reserved for the truly wicked.

We want to remove those nasty people from our lives, and the angels can help with that.

But let’s never fall into the trap that the nasty people fall into; dwelling over people who we really shouldn’t give extra attention to.

Give a simple petition (request) to the angels and ask them to take care of it.

I assure you, if your case is justified, it will work out.


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