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by admin on November 21, 2018

Often in life we go through periods of tough difficulties that technically do not make any sense to us.

But that might be the point – that we are intended to over come confusion in favor of marching forward and not being subjugated by nasty moments and thoughts.

If the future is going to be any brighter than our present and past –

Then we need to step everything up might higher and greater…

Nothing is going to work out if we don’t put full conscious effort into making our lives better going into the near and far future, and several spirits can help here –

Berith – Forces us to see where we need to go in life so that our life purpose is made far clearer and obvious to us in a way that we can actualize our projects, goals and everything else in an incredibly positive and uplifting way.

We do not fall victim to circumstance when…well, life always gets rough, but how does that factor in when everything in this world and the next goes into a very different direction –

And we are left to think and meditate on our goals and ideas in a vastly shifted way…

I’m not even talking about others right now – just ourselves right at this moment.

Though nothing matters but everyone getting along and our minds and emotions becoming far more coherent…with clarity ruling our lives –

Sometimes we just have to take a step back from the emotional turmoil and lack of activity…

Then we can spring forth and march onward and…just meaningfully toward our achievements and everything else we want to actively attain and sustain in our lives.

Now is the time to flourish, and a norse god can help us along our way…

Gullveig (norse god) – Removes and destroys any negativity in our lives so that we are left with only positive thoughts, our true ambitions – with the required persistence and motivation needed in order to make it to the next level, and whatever satisfies our life purpose overall.

This is about creating titanic change in our lives, and nothing can prevent us from embracing and enjoying a much higher and greater sense of happiness –

Because that is what we’re reaching for…and thereby cannot be taken away from us…

As long as we reach for the stars and everything turns out well, nothing will ever prevent us from reaching for exactly where we need and want to go over time.

If others wish to stay idle and weakened by past problems and issues – then we just move on, and leave them as they wish to be, because that is not our situation to deal with –
And everything else just makes sense…because it has to, and as long as we have a handful of spirits guiding us the whole way…

It will all get much stronger, with a far more stable foundation – and that will be something to work for, because it will have all have been worth it once we’ve made it.


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