Transcending old money beliefs in a way that brings you to the next level financially…

by admin on April 15, 2018

We always tend to haul around old thoughts and beliefs we collect over time – but we seldom reflect to remove the beliefs that no longer serve us.

This is a paradigm shift those those old money habits that keep us down; they don’t serve us but we still cling onto them – it’s a nasty habit.

When we talk about transcending these beliefs, it is not about forming new habits on top of the bad habits that keep us down.

That’s like trying to fill a dirty house with new furniture – you need to clean it out before you fill it with new stuff.

We have to retrain our brains to work with money in a new way, and to do that we need to get rid of old money beliefs that can hold us back.

At this point we just need to reflect and understand that we have some old money programming that hold us back, and we have to get rid of that stuff in order to become better with our finances.

This is not a question of whether or not we want to be better with our money – that’s a given.

We just need to sort out what past beliefs hold us back and what new beliefs we can assimilate so that we can finally reach the next level for us.

Somehow along our journey we misperceived some ideas that we thought could help us, and it turned out that those ideas were actually toxic for our growth – they just don’t help us at all.

That’s general how it happens – really.

It’s about accidentally holding onto past beliefs that literally hold you back from achieving the stuff that you are trying to reach for.

Though it can be unintended, you must decide and actively remove those past beliefs in a way that sets you free.

This is not about trying to reconfigure your entire money life in a way that you have to start from square one – we’re not talking about that.

We’re talking about exchanging out damaging beliefs for others that empower us, and in this way enable us to think and belief uplifting money thoughts that bring us more success, prosperity and happiness along the way.

The thoughts trigger the actions, and the actions over time cause us to believe in different ways.

If you see that certain things you do with your money cause you to not have as much money, you will not be in a good situation with your finances.

This might be obvious to some people, but they tend to keep doing the same toxic actions that cause them to not have money – and they often don’t that happening.

It’s like the person who spends their money on all the things they don’t need – then they wonder why they’re unhappy and have no money.

It can be ridiculous, and yet it happens far too much – but this is what we have to extinguish as habits that we accumulate over time related to our money situation.

Some people don’t remotely understand that that unnecessary purchases add up and eventually bite them in the ass when it comes time to splurge on luxuries – they end up not being able to do anything, and that’s a huge problem.

The spending on unnecessary crap adds up, and it’s not a good thing that many people just don’t see this as a long term problem.

Everything just adds up and adds up until you don’t see the mountain of money flushed down the drain – it’s maddening and it’s horrifically bad – happening to too many people, and it needs to stop immediately.

Do we need to feel the pain of not having money in order to learn that we need to be wiser with our finances?

Do you really need to feel the sting of not having enough cash to pay your bills for this to happen?

I hope that isn’t the case, but for some people it has to happen in order for them to wake up – and that shouldn’t be the case.

We are literally talking about a full belief paradigm shift, and people likely don’t even recognize that.

It’s a big change – but they might not be fully willing to embrace that full shift in their beliefs yet.

None of this has to happen at once, but it is best to get this change started sooner than later.

You can’t wait forever to change your money habits, or else you will find that you don’t have money to use with your new financial habits.

That’s the problem of wising up with your finances too late – you just run out of money and life become very bad very fast.

This is literally about uplifting your entire life situation and shifting it into another gear.

You are not trying to make all of these changes over night – which is most likely impossible – but making smaller changes slowly over time is not unreasonable.

It’s like going on a diet that takes time to get your body to change – none of that is going to happen quickly, but you need to make some small changes early on so that you can slowly shift your life into that new gear over time.

Yep, we’re talking about big changes here.

Yep, we are not willing to back down from being better with our finances.

Yep, these financial changes are pretty significant and we will assimilate them completely over time.

If this isn’t what you thought, that’s a good thing.

There is no such thing as an old belief we want to get rid of that doesn’t have a bit of discomfort attached to it – that’s just part of the process of releasing and growing financially.

The pain part is temporary, but the financial wisdom will take us far into the future – and that’s not a joke.

When we think of the future, there won’t be uncertainty mixed with a bit of frustration because we don’t know what’s coming.

It will be a calm certainty that we are on track and our beliefs are now far stronger in such a way that we can embrace better finances and feel empowered when we think about our money life.


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