Transcending heated emotions and life disruption with magick…

by admin on December 17, 2018

When life gets rough we tend to feel a bit off kilter and it can shake our emotions and the way we think.

It’s not a problem in most cases – you just calm down, take a stroll, or just do whatever it takes to make those emotions much cooler.

Those heated emotion can make any situation pretty much unbearable…

It’s not a good situation and when life disruption hits it’s not a good scenario to be in when you’re emotions are making you feel even worse.

You can deal with any challenging situation when you have a cool head.

That’s the thing that helps you think things through and you don’t have a problem figuring things out.

When you have tense emotions that don’t allow you to think clearly – it just doesn’t help anyone and we know that we cannot react that way… or else things will get very bad.

This is not about trying to make yourself perfectly zen and calm in the face of chaotic situations – that’s not what this is about.

But it does not help to have heated emotions when life gets rough…because that doesn’t help anything, does it –

It just doesn’t make sense – and we don’t get that our minds are flooded with harsh and negative emotions that are making everything exponentially worse.

A couple spirits can help cool you down in the face of adversity…

Notus (Greek spirit) – Enables the target to control their emotions and think clearly especially in troubling situations where heated emotions can be a big problem.

Achaiah (fallen angel) – Causes the target to think clearly with cleared and leveled emotions so that even problematic situations can be resolved very easily.

It’s never a difficult situation if you know how to manage your emotions – it’s just not a problem when you’re able to think about everything clearly.

The resolution to whatever the situation is always pretty simple – you just need to be able to think about it, and to do that you need cooled down emotions.

It’s never that difficult but people make it seem like it is.

The emotions never last that long but the emotional episode can leave a lasting impact.

It is not a good situation when future events are canceled because people find out the emotional person is coming and no one else wants to have anything to do with them…which can be very rough.

This is why they have to have control over those emotions, and express that to others so that they are convinced that they have their tempers under control.

One more spirit can help cool those emotions when they are elevated and cannot easily be brought back down to safe levels…

Phul (Olympic spirit) – Enables the target to calm their emotions immediately so that everything is restored back to peace; causes anyone else affected to also calm down and understand that the situation was completely fine the whole time – guides everyone to be peaceful or friendly afterward.

Though these spirits can bring calm to any tense situations it is best to ask them for help prior to things getting out of hand – 

The spirits can guide the target to remain calm and controlled even when other conflicts might arise, and they just won’t be part of it.

Even the hottest tempers can be prevented from exploding – especially in the middle of conflict and chaos.

Their anger won’t come up, and the situation won’t get so crazy or escalate to any higher levels…

This is not about being calm and even tempered at all times – but it is about knowing how to control yourself even in the middle of aggressive conflict that tries to provoke you and others into getting involved.

Without the spirits you risk a very emotional situation getting out of hand – but with them, nothing at all is risked and you might even enjoy yourself considering how life gets when you have even and well managed mental control.


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