The Unexpected Shifits Magick can Bring (Wealth Magick)…

by admin on February 22, 2018

I have done 3 cycles of wealth magick, once per year since 2015.

I am no longer doing go to do it since the spirits have told me that is enough, but it was very interesting that my last run gave me a VERY unexpected result.

Each WM run tends to bring me a new business.

The first gave me an online traffic business that gave me decent profit.

The second gave me my copywriting business which was more about establishing my skillset than profit.

The third was unexpected.

I thought initially it was related to bitcoin, but I am partially wrong. That comes later.

I started my ritual for hire service, and it is NOT what I expected.

I’ve realized now that this is my third WM ritual result and it is completely different.

You have to understand that WM runs with whatever energetic cycles you’re in. I happened to be in low and transition cycles – which are “bad luck” and transition energy; your entire life is trying to shift into another gear whether you like it or not.

The bitcoin idea came well after I completed my WM runs and it felt like a good idea to pursue at the time.

As I always do, I did some wisdom rituals and felt my way through. It was going to take some time for this idea to take off. There was no rushing this.

Okay…so what do I do in the mean time?

This is a curious question we all have when we want to do something but don’t have the timing right to get THAT specific thing done.

In my angelic work I have found that Aniel can help give you productive work that will greatly help you in times where you can’t do the primary thing you want to do.

Think about that for a moment.

For those moments you don’t know what to do but want to be productive, Aniel can help you.

If you want to create something out of nothing, Nemamiah can encourage creative thoughts out of nothing – creating solutions and events when nothing really exists yet.

Those are both crazy valuable powers to have when things go down and you don’t know what else to do.

How does this relate to my WM runs?

I sort of indirectly used both of these spirits when I was waiting on my bitcoin site to come together. It was very random.

I just wanted something to work on in the interim but it became a very big thing for me.

My magick started becoming more of a thing I did for others rather than myself and I perfected talking to the spirits directly for guidance.

This was something I did literally as a hobby and it exploded into something amazing.

My ritual for hire service came out of NO WHERE…literally.

I wanted another thing to happen and everything sort of came together – almost like magick lol

But this is partially another issue that people have, and that’s lusting for results.

I know how to remove my lusting for results pretty easily, because I just distract myself or work on other stuff. But if this is a problem for you, Aniel and Nemamiah can definitely help you.

Especially if you’re doing a WM run – or any financial magick for that matter – removing your lust for results in a very creative way can definitely help.

I literally have a magick business im running now and it’s creating amazing results.

This was literally a work of passion, a labor of love because I seriously enjoy doing my rituals and talking to my spirits, but it came random as can be, and I was thinking / working on other stuff when this all came together.

So if you have a few rituals going, or you haven’t done any because this is a problem for you, now you understand a little more about what to do.


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