Taking your money life to the next level and developing wealth through the Greek spirits…

by admin on August 5, 2018

It can be a challenge to actually build and sustain a higher income, and it tends to happen through a specific series of events and challenges that build us up to that higher level.

We often make it a very hard and difficult path because we see others who we think are prosperous and wealthy, and that just messes us up because we incorrectly connect dealing with greater problems and challenges with having money – and that’s nonsense.

When you bring in the spirits they can shift your life and mindset so that you only make the right decisions – and everything just aligns to where you need to go, creating and sustaining far more wealth and income in general in your life.

It doesn’t take much more effort to create a far more stable and stronger income over time – and that’s what we’re aiming for here.

We’re also not aiming for a temporary thing either – this is a big deal, and it’s just going to get a lot better as you move forward and allow the spirits to guide you into a far more abundant life.

Several Greek spirits can help us here…

Voltus – Enables you to think in a way that eliminates all of your foolish financial thinking so that you can fully embrace greater income and prosperity in general.

This sets the foundation for later on when things get a lot crazier with your money life and you are finally able to accept greater income in general.

Once Voltus cranks up your ability to thinking clearly and wisely about your money situation in general, then you can stop all the foolish spending and possibly actually save a bit – thought that is mostly the side effect of having more abundance in your life.

Those who are truly wealth do things a slightly different way though, and it’s that teeny tiny difference that builds their wealth over time and causes them to have a huge advantage over others who just know how to manage their money and incomes over time.

It’s not even a question, really – we need to build up our skills and become very valuable to others – people, companies and others who can pay us for our heightened skills, and that is what allows us to create our wealth over time. It was never what other people thought – assets in the form of physical property that can be destroyed over night by whatever disaster might strike.

Your skills cannot be taken from you and that is what creates the true wealth, and no one really see that or talks about it – and that is what our next spirit will guide us to understand…

Pollux – Allows you to examine your situation so that you can shift your career and life around in such a way that you can actually build wealth over time; allows you to build the skills and whatever else that you need to create far greater and stronger income and wealth for long term uses.

When you finally examine yourself and see that your life is far different than what you imagine – then it will be very telling to see what ways your money life has developed.

It likely won’t be what you expect, but it will undoubtedly be nothing like what you thought might happen – and that’s what the spirits can bring us when we exert the right effort.

One final spirit can bring us general life clarity so that we aren’t confused about what we need to do to bring in far greater abundance and income over time…

Kronus – Develops our general understanding of our financial lives so that we can bring in far greater income and build up wealth over time in a way that allow us to have far stronger financial futures starting immediately.

This can be a very powerful spirit to guide you into knowing what you need to do going forward, and that can be an eye opening experience to finally get what you need to do with your career and financial life.

Money can be a very confusing thing in this world – and that won’t be the case going forward.

You just have to allow the spirits to guide you going forward so that your money life is growing consistently and greatly over time, and your wealth actually develops rather than goes no where – and that’s something that so many people just don’t understand.

If you don’t move, nothing happens, and that feeling of staying idle will literally eat you alive – which none of us want.

That is why we need to work with the spirits to bring us to that next level of income, prosperity and just general success where we know the future looks far brighter than our past did – and that is because we are finally building up some wealth which wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t had the spirits with us to guide us going forward.


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