Taking your life from zero to full happiness and opulence using magick…

by admin on October 16, 2018

Nothing is better than fulfilling your needs and deepest desires – then plowing onward to whatever else satisfies your greater and higher long term goals.

We are no longer talking about just trying to get by and being moderately happy, but actually honestly being happy with our lives in a way that brings us to that greater personal achievement and place of mental calm –

In that case we know that life just runs well, and we do not have as many worries – which can be an incredible advancement for all of us, and everything merely runs well going into the future…

If we took a massive step back from our lives and looked at everything that mattered –

Would you be satisfied with what you saw…and if you somehow aren’t, that might not be a problem long term because we have several spirits who can help us out…

Stolas – Generates a deep lasting vision for our lives so that we can change and shift things out to be much better immediately for long term gain over time.

Once your mind is opened to what you can truly achieve, and all that your success actually means to you – happiness and true personal achievement is not remotely out of reach, and we have some of our goals already –

But there are some instances where life can feel seriously hairy, and nothing feels right, but we still want to make things better…

Brunhild (Norse spirit) – Causes us to see the mistakes and faults we linger around with so that we can change our situations, circumstances and lives in general to accommodate incredible physical and personal success and our goals over time in a far more enriching way.

It doesn’t really mean anything to reach our goals, but not be and actually feel happy in the process –

That’s almost like eating a full meal, but still being hungry and not liking what you ate – though you made it and everything should have been alright…

If you really want to press into the next level, everything just has to join together in a very meaningful but powerful and interesting way that you likely didn’t ever see before –

In the case that you want your life to run smoothly without a lot of errors holding you back from the next level of weird stuff getting into your path, one last spirit can guide you toward greater abundance and material satisfactions in general…

Ninurta (Sumerian spirit) – Your mind and life are shifted around so that you can see and feel actual physical opulence and abundance changes in your life that grant you greater cash flow and better peace of mind about your life and finances.

Though this last power is not necessarily as great as changing out your entire life for a massive life breakthrough – it helps tremendously to know that your money situation grows and shifts whenever you are consciously concentrating on making yourself better overall…

And if you happen to embrace stronger finances in favor of rebuilding your life into a far stronger version of itself – then you might want to understand and push yourself to achieve far greater goals that connect to your personal happiness and well being more –

We are not making titanic shifts here, but making smaller shifts that create incredible and dynamic impact on our lives and others around us – which is very empowering, and you will likely not recognize your situation nor life after all of this is said and done.

As long as you have just a few spirits guiding you to your own personal plateau of success achievement – nothing will ever be out of reach, and this will maintain as your long term shift into actual and genuine opulence which few people on earth ever reach.


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