Taking your life from nothing to bull blown life purpose and success with the Norse gods…

by admin on September 14, 2018

When life feels like its dying and everything is just shattered, melting away in its own very horrendously devastating way – and we simply need a way out –

But that is how life and the world gets sometimes – and in situations this stuff isn’t remotely our fault, but in others…

We just need a way out and a huge large reset button press on everything – because it can’t be like this going into the far future, and that won’t ever be a thing that we get this low in our lives and personal intimate worlds ever again –

So when we need that severely deep and torturous look into our personal lives in a way that helps us develop, work on and actually make a new welcomed future come true…

That is where several spirits can help us –

Frigg – Guides us to stop dwelling on the present and past negativity so that we can move forward without any deeply clung to worries and problems lingering around us – then shifts our thinking and beliefs so that we are more aligned with our true life paths, and everything suddenly just makes sense for us.

This can be a huge and almost unwelcomed wake up call for too many people, and that can’t be a thing we attempt to avoid because we are scared of change…

Because change has already come and it’s rocking our worlds in half, and that’s seriously just a massive moment for us all when our lives rock in half and we’re not sure how anything will ever make sense ever again –

Though we can do all of this ourselves, it technically doesn’t remotely make sense to do anything that way – because we have already gone our road without spirit assistance for the most part…

And we just need a way out – which our next spirit can help with –

Tyr – Builds up your persistence, motivation and general life outlook into a stronger and more positive way so that everything just shifts for the better long term, and nothing really confuses and frustrates you nearly as much anymore – then you are brought to a much more emotionally strong and resilient place overall, so that you know your life and personal path will be a lot more stable in general going forward.

These changes can make for incredible personal and life growth, though evolution is probably never anything that is exactly what we are directly and impassively covering right this moment – and we obviously and definitely need the gods and spirits to guide us in our journeys in rebuilding everything.

The world will respond favorably to our advances and developments as we move forward, and it is not a good thing for our past and present problems that we are going this direction.

Because that’s all going to be behind us now, and it doesn’t make sense to actively and overly think about the stuff in our lives that come and gone…
And our last spirit can give us the last bit of direction and guidance so that our lives are actually somewhat successful and purposeful –

Freyr – Grows your vision and willingness to work on your life so that you manifest and actualize far more success in your life, work and personal matters than you ever thought possible – then brings you to see that your willingness to work long term will obviously and definitely pay off without question.

Once all three of these spirits are put to work in your life, nothing will ever hold you back from understanding yourself fully (finally) and knowing that everything will be far better than okay –

We have to embrace the fact that everything will be better than alright, then hold tight to the vision and face the reality of change that we are about to explore very deeply – and that is not what anyone else in our lives is likely to understand very well…

But we have to hold on tight to these visions, and it’s going to be horribly and dementedly powerfully bad in general for all of our old enemies and those who didn’t believe in us when we’re actually doing well and they have nothing to say but crap that doesn’t have any bit of truth to it –

And moments like that can be both funny, but deeply intense because we know we have made it – but the stuff from our past isn’t going to follow us, because we now know that we can obviously and clearly change for the better…

As long as we have the viking and other spirits guiding us – it will definitely be possible to change for the better, and that will lead to inevitable and positive change for us and everyone relevantly close to us for the long haul.


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