Stopping nightmares and night terrors with magick…

by admin on September 4, 2018

Here we have a very sensitive topic for those who have disquieted sleep.

This is not a topic that goes off in left field talking about weird cures that you can’t find the ingredients for.

This is about reducing and easing – and eventually dissolving entirely – those horrific things we have called nightmares and night terrors.

They are not what you think.

This is an occurrence that heavily disrupts sleep and causes severe sleep problems.

If you’ve even woken up groggy simply because a nightmare woke you up 1 or more times in a single night – this is for you.

If you know someone who has to deal with night terrors and constantly / periodically has the struggle of getting a good night’s rest – this is also for you.

We are dealing with disquieted sleep in a way that isn’t widely understood – but guess who understand the process?

The spirits can easily help this, and all you have to do is connect your need to their power…

Yeretel – Can remedy sleep related disturbances such as nightmares and night terrors; causes the person to understand what caused them, and to do whatever it takes in the future to prevent them.

Phaleg – Can end night terrors and nightmares and reveals the cause to the person.

Beleth – Resolves nightmares and night terrors in a way that reveals the cause to the person so that they can prevent any similar occurrences in the future.

These spirits can easily remove and resolve nightmares and night terrors equally – but is that the only sleep related ailment that people suffer from?

There are quite a few sleep related disturbances that have nothing to do with the main 2 mentioned here.

What about ailments that affect your body and mind?

I won’t get into the details, but there are several things that can literally seize the body and mind making it damn near impossible to sleep – and it’s a big deal, especially to those who repeatedly suffer from it.

Now we’re going to change that.

This spirit is very versatile and creative with how he can resolve these ailments…

Ronove – Resolves and ends all mind and body related sleep ailments that can severely disrupt your sleeping.

No one really thinks about the endless mind chatter some people have to deal with that prevent them from sleeping.

Most don’t really understand unless it happens to them, but the spirits understand and can help with that.

Once we know which spirits can help, the resolution part is pretty simple – you just reach out and have them help you.

These remedies might seem simplistic – just work with a spirit and let them do it – but in some cases the spirits will literally guide you to the perfect solution, just in case your diet or something else basic that you don’t readily see if off track.

Sometimes the simplest resolutions are what work best – and in our case here I think the spirits can help us best.

Can you imagine not having any sleep ailments messing up your nights rest?

That’s where we’re headed, and you don’t even need to mess with anything ridiculous to accomplish this.

All we’re doing is resolving matters of the mind directly, and the spirits know how to do this perfectly.

Sometimes the issue is mind and subconsciously related, and can’t easily be detected.

But when you apply select spirits to the problem, it doesn’t have to be such a debilitating issue.


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Using the Olympic spirits:

Using the demons:

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