Shifting your life path with the Sumerian spirits…

by admin on October 26, 2018

Angels aren’t the only spirits that can help change your life.

This isn’t an interesting post because almost no one uses the Sumerian spirits even though they are very powerful and can shift time and reality to get you want to you need and want.

Some of you know of some of these spirits by vague mention. But here you will know them by their names and their powers, which hasn’t really been done before.

Historic resources shows these spirits in random ways as they are depicted in ancient texts, accounts and retellings of old tales (that we often misconstrue as myths).

Some spirits are erroneously conflated with being part of other paradigms, and they really don’t like that that’s the case.

Here, we will explore some very curious spirits that can shift your life into over drive.

If you need some major change, you can have it…

Ningizzida – Creates life transformation through mild disruption; causes the appearance of a life crisis for enemies, but really brings them to illumination, often through severe discomfort and pain.

Dumuzi – Enables deep life transformation that literally changes everything for the better; you experience deep change that flips your entire reality upside down or inside out – literally whatever works to get you where you need to be asap.

Destroys past misconceptions and misperceptions; creates fuller understanding of situations that thereby enhances intuition in an indirect way.

Tiamat – Leads you into a full life transformation that gradually pulls you away from an old life path that did not serve you and nudges you into a better, far more effective life path; gives a very powerful realization that this is your new life and that you are finally aligned with who you truly are.

These are somewhat unknown spirits, thought Tiamat is most known for creating dramatic change.

They aren’t very well known for a major reason – people haven’t really thought of them as spirits to work with long term. They are sort of known in history but not in a magickal context.

Are these spirits truly useful for ascension based work?

Some who know Tiamat know that she is not a minor spirit to work with; she can be very helpful, but she is also extremely picky about who she works with.

Ningizzida isn’t well known at all except for some random mention in vague occult works. She is a very powerful spirit correlated to the destruction of the past – meaning the renewal of our life paths and re aligning to who we really are (those studying him never thought of him that way).

Though she is powerful, she is sometimes used as a spirit of evolution and powerful change – life and spiritual ascension for worthy individuals.

The fact that you’re reading this post means that something is on track, by the way.

This is not a small thing to want to push yourself to the next level with very powerful but obscure spirits that few others know to work with.

Here are several more spirits who can guide your vision, direction and life purpose in ways you likely haven’t considered…

Anu – Creates spiritual wisdom so you know who, what and where is best for your personal path. Enables you to see the most beneficial things around you – people, things and places – so that you can best enhance your personal path.

Enki – Destroys past misconceptions and influences from others about who you truly are. This might ruin some of your relationships, but just know that they were never good to begin with. This is truly about removing the hideous relationships from our lives so that we can properly flourish.

Inanna – Brings us deep healing and restorative energy from past hardships and traumas so that we can move on freely to be who we truly are. This is about understanding ourselves in the deepest way possible, ideally so we can work with other spirits to further our personal evolution.

Just pause for a moment and think about what you could accomplish with these spirits.

Some are these last ones are more targeted toward the spirit and guiding your growth as it relates to understanding your personal and intimate life – which is what we’re out to achieve here.

This isn’t about small life shifts, like mending a single relationship so everything is well.

This is about a full shifting of everything about us, from the ground up, so that whatever we need is basically attracted to us in a huge shift.

Do we often know what we need for our spiritual understanding and paths?

Do we know who leads us astray and misguides us?

Do we know how to heal ourselves from past emotional trauma and hardships?

You know your evolution isn’t a joke, but let’s not make it one.

You know the spirits and what they can do.

You now have the tools you need to make the change you want.

And the spirits are ready to work with you.


Enhance life with the Sumerian spirits:

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