Shifting your life into greater success, prosperity and life purpose with the Norse gods…

by admin on September 18, 2018

These are the moments and times to throw your life into the highest gear possible –

It is not about attempting to make good moments worse or bad in any way, but about making your life completely good in all the best ways that most matter.

We have to embrace a life that is completely good, wholesome and positive in all the right and most aligned ways so that we can feel good and empowered about where we’re going and what we are going to do next.

Sometimes we just have to take a step back, and realize that everything is completely backwards and in need of greatly positive change.

Not a small number of spirits can help here, but when talking about the norse gods, we have a nice selection of spirits who can bring us to the next level and best position for ourselves in terms of success, happiness and just feeling like everything in our lives is just right…

Frigg – Guides us to understand and fully embrace our life purpose in such a way that we can be truly and maximally successful in the ways that most matter to us.

Though Frigg if generally a lesser known spirit – even in the norse paradigm, we are working with him in a way that bring harmony and renewed power back to our lives in a very brilliant and cunning way…

It’s not that we need a spirit like the ones mentioned here to further our goals, but it helps greatly to have our achievements and heartfelt desires expressed into tangible and real actual reality –

Not just in our heads and thoughts on a very irregular basis, and that’s partially and indirectly how our next spirit can help us…

Heimdall – Brings us to have stronger persistence, memory and motivation to further our goals and plan our much more ambitious and long term life goals and projects for the future.

Though it might not seem like a big deal to be able to think clearly about your life goals, and be able to act on them in a long term consistent way – these spirits will drive your motivation and efforts into the stars, allowing you to reach and achieve pretty much everything that you desire.

Destructive thoughts has to be our next angle here, and that just cannot be a thing if the world feels far too rough and tumble and we’re not sure how to make everything right and peaceful again –

This is now about making peace, harmony and focused control out of very hectic and crazy intense situations that come up when life just feels to outrageous for comfort…

We have to embrace and understand that the world feels and is very incredibly cold…almost never, and that it’s just our experience and our minds that make everything feel and be a lot worse off over time.

When we know we have to push our entire eruptive and hectically out of control life into anything better – something better that just aims us in the right direction, everything will feel like chaos and just not anything that can happen so easily or well.

And our next and last spirit can guide us to whatever higher level or place we need to be to finally feel like we’re doing the right thing for ourselves – and possibly even others as well…

Freya – Shifts our thinking and beliefs to completely and totally align with true success, life purpose and happiness for ourselves, and life won’t feel so massively out of place, confusing and weird once we reflect and understand who we are and where we honestly and sincerely want to be.

Once our pasts of negativity, regret, fear, shame and anything else that holds us back – are completely and utterly removed and destroyed – we can finally and freely move on without any discomfort or anything holding us back –

But we have to move and push into that initial phase of personal discovery, emotional toughness and understanding so that everything just falls differently into a new place – and that we are able to move far faster forward without any discomfort, misdirection or fated disastrous situations almost attempting to derail us – or take us out of this world completely…

And it just cannot be this way, where everything falls into ruin and our lives just aren’t that bad or poorly centered…because we know we made the right move long ago.

If we don’t move forward now, everything will feel oddly deflated and distorted, and nothing will be good – possibly in very hideously bad and frightening ways, and we cannot allow that to happen, and it won’t happen – so as long as we have the spirits consistently guiding us forward to attain and embrace everything that we’ve set our minds out to achieve.


Change your life using the Viking / Norse Gods:

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