Shifting time to achieve far more using magick…

by admin on January 14, 2019

When it comes time to seriously evaluate where we are and how long has been –

We just need to concentrate and finish things…but if you know that your situation requires a bit of extra assistance and effort…

Then maybe we can get a little (or a lot) more stuff done on a consistent basis such that everything is just put together a lot faster and without much – if any, fuss at all.

At times and deeply pondered moments like these, I tend to explore the possibilities with others, and that’s a huge deal considering that our lives and emotions are just…

Completely out of sync and touch with reality at all times – because we know that we have to keep our minds sharp and our brains focused –

But what else can happen except that we just make everything better through magically identified means and effort…

And a couple of spirits can guide us into stronger circumstances –

Morpheus (Greek spirit) – Causes you to think and act in the most efficient way possible so that everything is concluded much faster; you get a lot more done in far less time, and everything is completed in the quickest way possible.

Aniel (fallen angel) – Enables you to see how you can do much more in far less time for any given situation; allows you to see the best possible route to the most efficient and effective work so that you can do a lot more in far less time – guides you to conclude most situations as fast as possible.

We won’t be the same, because our productivity and habits don’t technically not go anywhere –

And sadly I have already lost my thought stream, because it was almost insane crap that we went this far with borderline…

…and I still just sadly choose not to get on with useless ideas, because I have lots of things and stuff to do, and now is just the time to get everything in order.

Because the fact of the matter is –

Everything is perfectly fine, and with a teeny bit of spirit and internal fruition and very motivational…

It will just have to be a very simple but extraordinary set of circumstances that gets me and us into that next level and gear somehow.


Get more out of life using Greek spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

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