Shifting out difficult situations and making life much better through magick…

by admin on February 3, 2019

Destroying that urge to scream can get a bit testy at times –

It’s not that our lives and worlds need to be different, but it’s about change – and drastic good things happening to make things better.

I once wanted to know what would happen if everything just went wrong…

Then I realized that was a relative of mine attempting to get others to experience the worst possible shifts in their lives possible – which was not a good thing, and almost an evil thing to experience.

Sometimes we just need to take that almighty…and large and prolonged –

…very deep breath and know that the spirits and gods of this universe are pushing us forward –

Asmoday (demon) – Brings you to see how you can change out very complex and ridiculous life situations in a way that causes you to make everything better through conscious thought and actions.

Utu (Sumerian spirit) – Forces us to see a difficult situations with deep and open clarity so that we are able to figure everything out without much if any difficulty.

Finishing this discussion up with wise and courageous words technically is not needed whatsoever right now…

And that can make for some cool stuff to happen…as long as the negative people have truly left the building and nothing else is slated to have erupted from the far begotten ashes of –

…almost completely pointless, and no one wants to deal with the thoughts nor ideas that we have to go through more soft and unspoken moments in order to get ahead.

It’s is well time to hinge up our trousers and march forward with respect to all available and possible life options…

It doesn’t have to be so nagging and difficult to make blunt change happen faster than the problems can arrive…but in some cases –

The problems simply don’t have to stick around, nor be received by our lives at all.


Make everything better using the demons:

Sumerian spirits:

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