Shifting out difficult situations and making life much better through magick…

by admin on January 2, 2019

Crazy events and situations don’t have to get so out of control –

When the world and our personal universes shift…we don’t have to manage and just accept very nasty negative situations – even if we don’t see an immediate way out of everything, and that’s something intensely significant.

This is about internal power and control in a very different way, and we just have to figure things out in a brutally obviously way that allows us to know and feel into the present situations and happenings of other periods of our lives where things just did not feel so right – then reverse engineer the whole thing and figure out how we made everything better –

But if you aren’t so keen on making everything right and promising, perhaps some well chosen and select spirits can help you…

Asmoday – Brings you to see how you can change out very complex and ridiculous life situations in a way that causes you to make everything better through conscious thought and actions.

Nothing has to be so darkly complex that we don’t know how to bring ourselves out of the hole we have accidentally dug for ourselves –

And that is brutally obvious that we need to think differently and bring ourselves to that next greatly inspired level of mental and emotional clarity…

Because if we don’t decide to bring ourselves to that conclusion that rather than later – we might get lost in the confusion, and that likely won’t help anyone at all.

Though one more spirit might be able to help bring deep clarity to situations that are almost thwarted by confusion and too carelessly created frustration and conflict…

Utu (Sumerian spirit) – Forces us to see a difficult situations with deep and open clarity so that we are able to figure everything out without much if any difficulty.

These can be monstrously important and beneficial powers if you know what you’re doing, and nothing gets better than to have a massively confusing situation just resolve itself…

Because we know how life gets what things get too rough and hectic, and we don’t need these current problems and situations confusing us and bogging everything down –

Which is an incredible power by the spirits that we can harness as use…

As long as we know that life can be made exponentially better through spirit guidance and help –

Everything will have been made better in the end through wise decision making, and getting help from the spirits to guide us away from those hideous and lingering problems early on.


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