Revealing the best of ourselves through intense insight and magick….

by admin on January 10, 2019

In the situations and moments where we just need to get away from it all –

And nothing else really truly makes sense, because we know we have to push forward in a very differently deliberate way that halts all of the current and past errors and mistakes from lingering around…

Then guides us to understand ourselves, desires…and true wants very deeply –

Something has to change, and likely break – but hopefully only in a very positive way that helps everyone in that particular situation out.

Because if we act out of haste, nothing will truly make sense in the long run and our goals and minor, though achievements will likely feel like a waste…

And that cannot easily happen if you have the spirits guiding you to help reveal and expose the best of yourself…as it relates to you growing into something far stronger and more resilient –

As long as you know and understand what you want, a couple of very interesting spirits can help…

Marax – Flips our perception so that we see the best of ourselves and how to develop our highest talents for long term uses, while also guiding us to newer and higher goals and achievements.

When you have finally realized what you were meant to do on this planet –

A lot of things just shift together and become far better as they relate to us becoming better and stronger people in general – and that can be a very powerful, though monumental moment and series of situations…

Because we always secretly knew that we could do better, but that never meant that we could just mess up and forget who were are and always were –

And that was going to lead to some seriously demented and startling moments of personal insight later…but very soon.

Without too much more hesitation, and a lot more things coming together over time – we just need to calm ourselves, and focus all efforts into creating the best world and life possible, and one more spirit can help direct us into a far bolder and more empowered life in general –

Kratos (Greek spirit) – Guides our thoughts and actions to be far more empowered as we aim to realize our goals in a more efficient and constructive way, then forces us to direct our efforts into the more productive ways possible – eliminating distractions as we move along.

When the gods are on your side, you know that your world will be exponentially different and just blindingly different –

Because when you choose for your life and circumstances to be vastly dissimilar from the past – meaning that everything changes out for the better, because it cannot be the same anymore…

We all just have to move forward, and beyond all hope and recognition in different but meaningful ways –

And nothing will hold us back, nor keep us from our highly sought after goals…

As long as we press and push forward with all of our might, then nothing will be the same, because old thought patterns and negative habits cannot survive if we ask the spirits to help us –

And we know we are aiming to achieve the best that we possibly can.


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