Revealing and disabling enemies through magick…

by admin on October 20, 2018

No one likes to have enemies that linger around them.

It can be even more troublesome when they try to hide themselves.

Whether it’s willful harm they’re trying to cause, or just general damage they don’t know they’re doing – you want them revealed and out of your life.

This can be a frustrating process if they are very crafty at hiding themselves.

They might be hiding in plain sight – not really considering what damage they are doing to you or others – but they really need to stop the crap and move on.

In cases where they don’t know what they’re doing – the spirits can help you reveal them and stop the behavior.

If it’s bad enough, the spirits can revealed them and remove them – even if they know full well what they’re doing and the harm they’re causing.

Whatever might be the case, the spirits are on our side to help remove the nasty people from our lives…

Ninlil (Sumerian spirit) – Reveals your enemies in a way that causes them to stop their harmful behavior, whether they know what they’re doing or not.

Kevekiah – Causes your hidden enemies to be revealed in a way that removes them from your environment completely; they just get removed from your surroundings in a way that preventing them from harming you in the future.

Though removing your enemies and their ability to harm you is very powerful, you might need a little extra punch at times when things are a little rough.

Sometimes they might try to be crafty with their damage, and in such cases you need to protect yourself, reveal them, and remove them from your environment completely.

Some spirits can do this very easily, and in ways you’d never likely suspect…

Vesheriah – Causes your enemies to be revealed to the right people so they are completely removed from your environment in a way that prevent any present or future harm to you or others relevant to you (they are disabled from harming you and others close to you).

Haures – Reveals your enemies in a way that gets them noticed and removed by the right people in a way that they are completely disabled from harming you and anyone around you in the present or future; their harmful nature and acts get revealed to everyone relevant in the situation.

These spirits can reduce a mighty amount of damage since some people like to start fires they don’t know how to put out.

In this case we’re just doing damage control in a smart way so that people don’t get hurt and the nasty people get removed and peace is restored.

This is not about removing people for simple annoying behaviors – but about removing them and muting the damage they can cause to you and others.

We’re doing something that few others are willing to do, and that’s step up to make sure people don’t get hurt and that everything flows peacefully without any bull crap drama or unnecessary damage from people who don’t care about who they hurt.

It’s never a good situation when people get like that – where they do and say things that they may or may not mean, but they do it anyway.

It doesn’t matter how they got like that – we just can’t let them do it around us.

The spirits can assist us with this type of situation, but we have to be the ones that ensures that balance is restored and the nasty ones don’t get their way, pushing their weight around where others get hurt and they think they can get away with it.

It is incredibly discomforting to act like these people don’t exist, and their damage only spreads when others try not to get involved – because they know others likely won’t do anything, so it has to be resolved and dealt with in a very smooth and safe way that the spirits can help us with.

Working with the spirits can help here, but only if you allow them to help resolve the situation.


Contain and disable your enemies using the Sumerian spirits:

Using the angels:

Using the demons:

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