Resolving your money situation when you’re very low on cash through magick…

by admin on May 5, 2018

No one wants to be in a situation where they need to cover their expenses but they’re low on money.

It’s not an ideal scenario for anyone to be in but when it happens we know we have to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

This can be a budget issue, or it can just be that you don’t have funds set aside for unexpected events – but you have to realize that we’re still talking about your budget here – that doesn’t change much at all.

If you have a situation that requires you to pay for stuff that you don’t have the money for – you just need to adjust your budget a little bit so that things are a little better in the future.

It’s not that hard, but it’s also not that simple in some cases because you might have past financial problems that have crept up on you that you just don’t want to do deal with – but everyone has those and it’s not really anything to dwell on.

Think of it like having bad grades in school – technically everyone had classes they just couldn’t do well in, and even the good students secretly did poorly in a number of subjects; they just don’t want to broadcast that they weren’t doing so well – and that’s how life is, really.

You have to see your financial situation in the same way – everyone has crazy challenges they think they can’t get over, but if you apply enough planning and patience, everything will resolve itself over time.

We just need the patience and clear head to realize that we can get through our financial uncertainty and the future will definitely look much better than we realize – we just have to work a little bit with a few spirits, and everything should turn out fine…

Dionysus (Greek spirit) – Enables us to think perfectly about our situations so that we can resolve any money issues very quickly so that we can build up extra cash on the side; allows us to develop better finances and a budget going forward.

Chaamiah (fallen angel) – Guides us to create far better finances where we are able to think clearly and wisely about all our money decisions so that we never make foolish financial moves; enables us to change our finances in a way that we always have money set aside and a far stronger budget going forward.

When these spirits help you they don’t do anything for short term gains – they push you to bring in far greater financial shifts over time so that you are never behind with your money ever again.

It’s not that we can’t figure out our finances without these spirits – it’s simply better to do everything as guided by the spirits than to try to do it alone without any guidance.

This is similar to having an expert help you out versus doing everything yourself – it would be foolish not to seek out a little advice to help sort out your situation.

But when the situation seems out of control, or you don’t really think you have a grasp of what’s really going on – one last spirit can help bring you clarity and understanding even during the most complex and trying times…

Furfur – Guides you to see how you can resolve your finances in a perfectly reasonable way that doesn’t take much time at all; enables you to see that you can easily fix everything and revealed the truth of your situation so that you don’t feel as anxious or frustrated about everything.

Once you have a bit more financial momentum, life looks and feels a lot better because you have more money to fall back on – and you tend not to have as many money worries going forward.

It’s a pretty big deal that you don’t have to obsessively think about the future and your money situation so aggressively anymore.

This is like knowing that you have a good grade in a class that always gave you trouble, and you can finally walk away knowing you completed everything well and with your best effort.

We don’t always have situations like that, but when you no longer have a long term problem that has always weighed you down, it can be a welcomed relief to move on free from that situation.

It’s not that we’ll never worry about our money ever again – it’s that we won’t have to worry as habit that we’re not doing well with our finances, and that things might go wrong at any second.

All of that can be abolished with the proper spirit help – when they guide you toward much stronger and wiser finances it’s a little difficult to mess up considering that your thinking is changed so that you can’t really fall back into negative money habits again.

Those times of not having enough money are gone, and we can finally embrace stronger and smarter finances – as long as you are open enough to allow the spirits to guide you long term.


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