Resolving impossible situations with nephthys and omael…

by admin on March 9, 2019

Causing a very intense situation to conclude and get better is something that cannot be easily learned…

Though we might exert effort and push everything into conclusion…that does not mean that our lives and external circumstances have to be a certain way for a prolonged length of time.

I say this in the positive – meaning that we can easily and happily conclude, resolve and fix whatever crazy and convoluted situations you and others might have…

And this is because I have been there and done that with a few very choice spirits –

Nephthys (Egyptian spirits) – Shifts your thinking and mindset overall so that you are able to clearly see how a situation, event or idea can develop to the point of successful conclusion. This helps for situations where you might not even be able to see a situation or circumstance resolve, or fix itself – but with some creative small tweaks…and it doesn’t even have to be from yourself, everything just works out – somehow better than you could have imagined.

Omael (fallen angel) – Enables you to think in a way that allows you to help resolve or contribute greatly to fixing and concluding a situation that might be completely confusing and so complex that almost no one feels that it is possible to help or resolve. Then guides you to make everything better either directly or indirectly through a few creative actions and steps.

Developing the mindset and mental grit that these types of situations require…

Tends to mean that our minds and emotions get throttled and swept up and set aside –

And that cannot continue going into the coming future – because we matter to the situation in a very big and robust way…

But how the world works in general just cannot be –

…and even that thought almost led us to somewhere that we definitely don’t want to be…almost implied to be an unworkable solution – which is pretty much not going to happen.

If we want things to change – and we want the impossibly miraculous to help strike down on our situations…

Then we need, want and desire our worlds and lives to flip – change, and hit a mode of insight and discovery that allows us to self explore, but only in a way that brings us to resolve and fix crazy and intense situations –

And with certain choice gods and spirits helping us – all of this is certainly perfectly reasonable…without too many restraints and small things slowing us up along the way.


Resolve the impossible using the Egyptian spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

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