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by admin on October 24, 2018

Here we have a big topic.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of past trauma and emotional crap that most people have that relates to these things nasty emotions – and yes, it is mainly these 3 that keep 99.9% of us back.

Guilt, shame and fear and other similar horrible and nasty emotions that linger in most if not all your negative memories that plague you.

Think about it. Think of one memory that you don’t like and see which emotion comes up.

You didn’t want to think of anything, did you?

That’s sort of the point – those emotions aren’t good at all, yet we cling onto them as if they’ll bring us forward (hint: they actually hold us back).

This is something that most of society doesn’t want to deal with.

It’s literally an emotional and spiritual chore to remove all those lingering nasty memories and no one wants to do their chores…or do they?

For those who want to remove the guilt, shame and fear that literally acts as a huge anchor holding them from plowing forward, I have several spirits that are willing to help…

Shaz – Helps you self-reflect on your past painful memories in a neutral way so you can understand them; allows you to dig deep, understand the lesson of those memories and release the guilt, shame and fear attached.

Aruru (Sumerian spirit) – Enables you to self-reflect on memories filled with guilt, shame and fear so you can detach from those memories and emotions; allows you to finally let go of painful memories and emotions.

Fire Elemental – Guides you to self-reflect in a way that lets you release past guilt, shame and fear attached to painful memories; let’s you view the memory in a way that isn’t painful so that you can learn your lessons and release from those emotions.

Can you imagine being able to bring up past memories – especially those that were once painful – and literally have no problems with them whatsoever?

I’m talking about releasing the emotional charge connected to people who once hurt you, times in your youth that were horrid and embarrassing – stuff like that can last a lifetime emotionally, but now they can be released pretty easily.

This is about as small as being emotionally free and resilient – it’s literally not small at all.

But that’s also why I’m not treating this lightly; I get that people have a lot of past memories that are horribly charged with all sorts of nastiness – that trio of emotions can come in all sorts of combinations (just guilt and shame; shame and fear, guilt and fear etc).

Do you see now how this can be so debilitating?

Once you release from these emotions, you literally feel a weight lift off your shoulders. You don’t even feel like the same person in most cases.

What if you don’t know if those past painful memories are actually connected to this trio of emotions?

This demon can help…

Haures – Enables you to see yourself and past memories clearly so that you can understand which emotions are connected to what; let’s you know which emotions you feel and when, especially when reflecting on past memories so there’s no confusion.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and with emotions it can be hell to figure out sometimes.

That’s why we have the spirits help us, and the demons are kind of amazing with emotional stuff, it’s a little ridiculous how good they can be.

Just imagine…being able to freely reflect on the past and laugh over previously tense and frustrating memories. Most people can hardly get through the day without feeling discomfort over random past emotional crap that comes up, which is often why people get randomly cranky – past emotions from memories tend to clog up our daily moods.

This is powerful stuff but also very finicky – because if you don’t use it, there’s no way it can work for you.

Yes, this stuff requires you to dig down deep, likely to a very nasty internal place that you don’t want to go to – yes, this can be super awkward and not something most people want to go through.

But yes, it is crucial and needed if you finally want to let go of those nasty emotions once and for all.

Reflecting on those emotions is the first step – which many of you already have sort of done.

The next step – which the spirits will gladly help you with – is to remove those emotions.

Simple enough right?

Exactly, so you have no excuse now with removing all that stuff.

The spirits are waiting – and yes, they’re willing to help but only if you are willing to change.


Remove past trauma using the demons:

With the Sumerian spirits:

Using the Elementals:

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