Removing the herd mentality so that we can follow our destiny…

by admin on April 11, 2018

This is not a normal topic to cover on a magick blog.

Influence thrown by magicians is one thing, but when we follow our peers in ways that don’t align with who we truly are – that’s not a good thing.

But we cannot think that influence doesn’t sway our views and values – you have to be alert to how much others around you, namely those closest to you, persuade you to change your views.

We’re not talking about influence in the sense that most likely think – that we’re being persuaded to do something in particular we might not want to do.

I’m talking about your core values – who you truly are. Do you believe the things that you consider your personal beliefs? Do you truly align with those values that you hold onto as your core beliefs?

It can be a shock to many to realize that they still hold onto beliefs from their parents, their friends and family that they had no intention of carrying with them.

They might even be morally opposed to such beliefs – but what if they have it instilled into them to protect and defend those beliefs against them better judgement?

That’s not a good thing, especially if you consider yourself an independently minded person – someone who thinks for yourself.

Just think about what you’re holding onto – your belief systems, the things you defend, and perhaps even your views on societal issues.

If you defend something and don’t know why – isn’t that a problem?

Throughout life we accumulate a lot of beliefs, some of which we don’t necessarily need, and we accidentally identify with it by justifying it and defending it.

Obviously that’s not good – and it needs to be stopped.

You are thinking thoughts and holding onto emotions that aren’t necessarily from you, and that’s not something we can move forward with.

If you have a system of beliefs that you cannot truthfully identify with, don’t you need to let go of that?

This might not feel like an easy thing, but your feelings sometimes lie to you.

It’s easy to release from beliefs like that – you just have to understand how it happened, why you clung onto it, then let go, releasing the emotional charge that kept that belief locked into place within you.

The herd mentality is far different than what most people think.

It was never so obvious that you could reflect the instant it happens and remove whatever the belief was on the spot before it ever lingered with you.

If it was that easy, no one would have systems of beliefs that have nothing to do with their life paths.

It’s ridiculous to think that people walk around holding these ideas and systems in their mind that have nothing to do with them – but that’s how it is.

How many times do you hear that people are religious but end up having nothing to do with that religion?

Why do they say they’re religious if that’s the case?

That is not the way it’s supposed to be – they don’t even know what they’re saying.

That’s part of what herd mentality is – you don’t know that you’re carrying these other thought systems around with you – and for many that can be a scary realization.

If you say you’re part of some system or group that you have no idea about – something wrong happened and someone was able to influence you to say that.

That’s how influence works in our society – we say and do things that we have no idea why we’re doing it and it’s very startling to see that once our eyes are opened.

It’s unnecessary to think that all influence is bad.

You have to deal with others on a daily basis and they are influenced by your actions – but the true danger lies in hearing and believing what others say, especially when we don’t align with what they say.

Even if it feels vaguely true that is no reason to believe in it.

That’s how we mess ourselves up later – by following stuff in our minds that we don’t necessarily agree with, then reflecting later that we have no idea why we believe certain stuff.

Once our emotions are tied into a thought or belief – it can be quite difficult to remove ourselves from that system of thought.

We don’t have to be invested into that belief in any way – but as soon as our emotions are injected, we start thinking in different ways and talking related to that thing – and that’s where the trouble begins.

Releasing from those emotions and beliefs is the next step for us – and it’s not as difficult as people think.

You have to detach yourself from the emotions first, then the beliefs, then the thoughts sort of release from you and you’re free.

The problem here is that people don’t really understand that process and how to do it themselves.

But our spirit friends can help and they are more than willing to guide us through the process.

We are finally removing those beliefs that don’t serve us and moving on from a past that likely didn’t agree with us – and that’s a very freeing realization.

The spirits can guide us through this process, and it will be much simpler than you likely imagine – releasing from those past emotions and thoughts is a necessary thing. You just have to work with the spirits to achieve that.


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