Removing life blockages and limiting situations through the Old Ones…

by admin on November 25, 2018

Times can be rough, but that does not mean that we have to stay idle and stagnant with old thoughts and ways of being.

Just because we have dealt with and linger around life situations, circumstances and blocks…

Does not necessarily mean that we have to stay that way going into the future, and we can change all of that in an instant –

Sometimes we just have to hold our minds straight and our thoughts aggressively settled and still…

Because the next stage of life with all of its positive glory is just around the corner, and that means that our world has to be better…because we are allowing the spirits to guide and shifts everything out for a far better outcome in the end.

Two spirits can direct us to where we need to be, by helping us remove and dissolve away the old past and current mental and whatever other blockages that we might have…

Shub-Niggurath – Shifts our minds and lives so that we are absent of mental and emotional blocks and limitations that have previously severely held us back from getting to where we need to be.

Though this might only be half of what we needed to deal with head on…

It has to be the case that our lives and emotions…and mental selves become a lot better over time.

Something has to break, and in our case it can shift and change out for the better – though it is common for us to seek out the solutions to our problems –

We still need to dig deep, and that can mean incredibly different lifestyle changes once our problems shift and dissolve away…

And we are left with a better life as a whole, and one more spirit can guide us to understanding and helping us achieve our dreams a bit differently –

Hastur – Develops our life vision so that we can understand what we want out of life a bit differently, thereby giving us the proper direction and thinking to reach our greatest goals faster.

Once everything has shifted into place, nothing can really hold us back from becoming the best of ourselves –

It has to be through a series of incredible but intense mental changes that we personally uphold – yet this does not have to be a negative experience, and that’s also what Hastur can help us achieve…

Everything about this can be positive and benefiting, and those negative moments don’t really have to be anything at all…as long as you don’t dwell and drown yourself within the nastiness of that moment.

When we finally understand that life has gotten better…we won’t have time to consider past ills and mistakes that were literally let go of, and now we see that our worlds got so much better –

…by just allowing a bit of spirits guidance to shift our worlds and paths for the better.


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