Removing hideous people and all negative influences from your life using magick…

by admin on May 13, 2018

When we know we’re doing well but people around us just want us to fall – that can be a huge problem that needs to stop.

It’s not that we can’t easily tough everything out and just ignore the people around us – sometimes that’s not an option because some people honestly want to derail us for whatever reason, and they need to be stopped.

These type of people tend to just keep going with their nasty acts until they see that you’re having a bad time – and even then many still keep going until you’re emotionally torn down, and that has to end.

We might see this in ourselves and others as the nasty people come around and try to affect us.

They aren’t always so obvious or affecting with their actions, but we know that they want us to go down and if they can get others to come along as well, it will become one mighty train wreck of a situation.

No one really likes these people, and they constantly do passively horrid things all the time trying to get people emotionally worked up.

Not everyone sees that they’re assholes, but when we finally realize what’s going on it can be hell to pay since we know they like to cause hideous acts that can ruin the days of those around them.

They just aren’t good people and that is why we have to get the spirits involved to remove them from our lives…

Hahaiah (fallen angel) – Causes those who are nasty and evil to be completely removed from your life in a way that exposes them to the people who most matter in their lives; destroys their reputation so that they are completely revealed to those closest to them while also removing them from your life.

Barbatos – Brings your worst enemies to be exposed in a very embarrassing way where they are completely removed from your life; reveals them for the evil acts they have done onto others and ruined their reputations completely in the process. Can also remove enemies from the lives of those you love.

It can bring massive relief to your life and those you care for when your enemies finally fall and they are just gone out of your world completely.

This is not about trying to get over on them for petty and small things that don’t really matter – this is about bringing them into a world where everyone knows how bad they are, and they can’t easily recover.

In moments where the world just feels all wrong because of these people, you also need some emotional comfort and balance so that you can think clearly and wisely about how to handle things.
We are bringing these evil people to a point where they can’t easily recover -and it is not a good thing for them to be able to recoup so that they can cause more damage to others.

The spirits are literally bringing them to their knees in a way that they can’t easily find their bearings and do more crap to others – either to you or others close to you – and this is where their nasty acts rebound because they had no idea that their evil bullshit would come back to them.

That is where our last spirit of retribution comes in…

Enki (Sumerian spirit) – Causes the nasty people in our lives or those close to us to experience life collapse where they can’t easily harm others again; we are fully able to recover from whatever damage they have caused, to us and others, and our enemies go down in a nasty period of being exposed in the worst ways possible to those that most matter to them. It will not be a good end for them, and they are completely removed from your life.

Once their nastiness rebounds and their lives are a living hell – you can rest assured that justice has been served and that the spirits are working to help you live on, and them stop their nonsense for good.

When you realize that these people are no longer in your life it can be a little intense to see how much better life can be without horrible people trying to derail your path.

This is how we’re meant to be – without outside influence trying to derail us, making us feel frustrated, ruined and depleted as human beings. They shouldn’t be allowed to do any of that and now we have to spirits to bring life back to balance so that we can move on without worrying about their crap being thrown our way.

We can finally move on and away from others trying to make our lives a living hell, and gently guide them to experience that same hell they tried to make for others – and through the spirits this is possible.


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