Reducing mental chaos while embracing life clarity through magick…

by admin on November 11, 2018

Developing a sense of purpose within this world and reality can be a thick and mentally bent experience sometimes.

Though we might generally know what and where we want to go, this all has to shift out and everything comes together in a very different but much more stable way –

Because we know the challenges almost always bring a better and stronger period after, but it doesn’t have to be so mentally and…

We know it can get emotionally tense and chaotic, though it doesn’t have to feel – be, or seem that way, and that isn’t really not a common problem.

I have to speak differently here so that my words penetrate your subconscious mind, and that’s not a nothing thing – just to be scoffed off for reflection later on that technically almost never happens.

There is an upside to every situation, and we have to open our lives and minds to all of those positive and potential possibilities –

And here are a few spirits that can guide us through this process…

Laviah (Fallen angel) – Removes the idea within us that we cannot handle our circumstances and the challenges that are coming our way, then builds us up far stronger and clearer than we have ever been – thereby allowing us to create and restore our lives into a much more stable and resilient position.

When all of this happens and we realize that we were and are always fine…

You will also understand that our internal lives don’t have to be so negatively ridiculous with misjudged moments, and inside feelings of angst and passive but very powerful frustration.

With not a lot of other moments popping up to conceal the truth…we just have to guide ourselves forward with the help of a few choice spirits –

Then shift time and reality to see that our worlds and lessons aren’t so heavy or bad, and that we were always not so poorly and bad off the whole time…

Another spirit can help us here, to guide us into the next level of whatever it is that we need to accomplish and become –

Sobek (Egyptian spirit) – Destroys the sentiment and idea that our worlds are anything but what we need to move forward, and guides us to develop our understanding and lives in order to become the best of ourselves beginning immediately.

Chaos and confusion are nothing compared to clarity and mental order – because we know when we have felt stuff like this…

And it is nothing like the next level, and how everything else comes together over time.

Though I would venture a guess that you’re not looking to be average and idle with your life expectations, but rather open and mindful about how the next level of everything and whatever else is coming to you…

It all just needs to be centered, cleared of all negativity and old dumb thoughts –

Then purified for all that’s needed…because that’s what can bring us to the promise that we made to ourselves long ago…

But have almost forgotten, and we just need to reclaim all of that, once and –

…we just need to reset things a bit, and without the spirits – all of that is made exponentially more difficult.


Heighten life clarity using the fallen angels:

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