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by admin on April 25, 2018

This is not something that most people think about on a regular basis.

Most go on with life not really understanding what they’re supposed to do – and they end up with work and personal lives that don’t really resonate with who they truly are.

People just don’t reflect on their lives to understand the deeper meaning; they don’t stop to think why they’re here and what they’re living this life for.

Having a job – shifting it into a career, being happy, and understanding that life is just alright is not all that there is.

You might even throw in a love life and some loved one in there as well – that’s how life is for most people and they don’t really think about their relationships or why they’re doing what they’re doing.

It’s a little scary to think and reflect on the fact that we’re here in this life not really fully understanding why we’re doing what we’re doing – and most of the time we’re perfectly alright with that.

This goes even deeper when the midlife crisis hits.

We know we did something wrong somewhere – nothing feels right and we just don’t know where to go or what to do with ourselves.

For many this tends to mean an ending of old relationships, and shifting jobs or careers to something more suited to us and our talents.

But why do we wait for the mid-life crisis in order to shift things around.

We constantly get intuitive hits that things just aren’t right – and for some that’s the signal to jump ship; either end old relationships or find a job that’s more aligned with what they’re supposed to be doing.

It’s that crazy period called the mid-life crisis that we want to avoid here – but it’s not just that.

It is literally embracing who we truly are and understanding our life purpose – for money life and what we’re really here to do – so that we can live a truly happy and fulfilling life that doesn’t have nearly as much confusion, tension and discomfort as the old life had sprinkled all over it.

We just don’t want to go back to the old bullshit of passively knowing that things aren’t completely right – then never doing anything about it like most everyone else.

This is also about embracing what makes us truly happy – and sometimes those old relationships we cling onto – lovers, friends and supposed loved ones, can be the ones that old us back from reaching the next level for us.

That is not what life is about.

Ask anyone with pent up emotions about the past and how it can be to never let go off old baggage they were supposed to let go of years ago.

You’re not going to get a good answer – and they’ll most likely shrug you off because they don’t know what the hell happened to their lives.

That’s living in the past, and we’re simply not going to do that.

We cling onto old ideals, lifestyles, people and places all the time – but we know we have to move on in a very big way but we don’t do it.

But those people who have those pent up emotions are a good sign of what can happen if we don’t let go of the past – and we always knew that.

We never wanted that to be us; confused, frustrated, and a bit off track with whatever we were supposed to be doing.

If you’re one of those people who always looks forward to the weekend because you can’t stand the work week – this might literally apply to you.

Why don’t you enjoy your work? Why is that a thing to only look forward to not being at work?

That’s not how life is supposed to be – you’re supposed to enjoy most of what you do, and anyone that says otherwise is just lying to themselves.

Maybe they haven’t found what they’re really on earth for, but we want to – and screw them for trying to derail us, wanting us to be as unhappy as they are.

That’s bullshit, and we know it.

We know we’re not supposed to be confused and constantly unhappy over things we don’t really understand.

This is our lives we are talking about, and we can’t let others direct it for us.

This is also about becoming who we truly are and embracing the stuff we really need to understand about ourselves.

You can’t go that far into life being blind to any of this stuff – it will literally run you over in a full blown mid-life crisis and at that point you will be crushed by that horrible life realization that you wasted your time and effort up to this point.

That’s not a good moment for anyone – and it is full of confusion and regret.

If you have a misunderstanding about your life and continue to live within that misunderstanding just hoping everything turns out well – whether we’re talking about career, love life, personal life or whatever – you know later on something is going to break.

That’s what this is also about – knowing who you are so you can finally be happy and free from regret and those bullshit negative emotions that you know vaguely means that you’re off track.

But off track from what though? You know you have to answer that question eventually, and we need to confront that sooner, not later.

We cannot be like the others who let their lives get directed by others – who didn’t even know who the hell they were until life crept up on them and surprised them by letting them know they didn’t know anything about who they were.

It’s not a good feeling to be that confused and to have your life fall apart because you have no idea where to go with yourself – it’s just a hideously frustrating situation, and we often don’t even know how we got this far.

If you want your life to align and for things to just work out, you need to self-reflect now so that the future isn’t full of confusion and regret – we just can’t let it get that far.

Others might be confused and might make it seem like not knowing themselves and their life paths is an okay thing – but it’s never alright, and we know that.

This can’t be delayed or swept to the side hoping it goes away – nope. It always comes back to haunt us.

But that doesn’t have to be us if we think deeply and act sooner so that we can understand ourselves better, thereby aligning us to where we need to be.

Life, career, love life, personal life…etc all get affected by this, and we know this by example from others who had life fall apart completely when they forgot who they were and life literally smacked them in the face.

It’s not that they couldn’t recover – they just didn’t know what to do to align themselves back to where they needed to be – and that doesn’t remotely have to be us, and I think we get that now.

This is about fully knowing yourself and pushing yourself to be the best of yourself, because you know that’s the right thing to do and delaying it just gives you the worst problems of your life later on – and we literally just can’t even consider that as an option now.

You know what needs to happen now, and knowing yourself is a lot easier than they all led us to believe – it’s not difficult, but we need to confront ourselves, where we’ve been and what we really want out of life so that the future doesn’t look as shit as the others have had who had everything just die off in a heap of nasty emotions when the time came.

We’re not like them remotely – and we need to change that.

It just starts with knowing who you are early on and not waiting until later for life to remind you that you were off track too long – and we’re just not going to go down that path.


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