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by admin on April 3, 2018

I didn’t want to write about this today, but I’ve seen enough in the occult community to know that other occultists just aren’t practicing what they should be every day.

Even in the various occult groups I frequent, I detect wrong choices coming from all angles – none of this has anything to do with magick – but rather makes a near mockery of it, and that isn’t right.

This is why I cannot getting into some authors since it appears they just write about topics they don’t truly understand, and magick paradigms they have no clue about. The spirits they claim to be real are definitely not real to them – and that’s not a good thing at all considering that they are teaching others in an incorrect fashion that doesn’t help anyone, really.

It’s just not a good system; and no one really knows how to work with the spirits, especially in the way they teach in their books.

The spirits they claim to work with are real, but are their real world results?

I’m not too sure, and you only have to look at how well their lives feel and what you detect about them as authors. If they don’t feel right, doesn’t that tell you something?

That’s the problem of trivializing the craft and taking it for granted.

They may not actually take it for granted in their personal lives, but when it is nearly mocked as some of them accidentally convey in their works, you can’t really believe what they’re saying.

The spirits have a connection with us for a reason, and we cannot trivialize that if we want to take our practice seriously – meaning that we do it for real world results rather than simply to play around.

We cannot think of the spirits as something that is for play only – nothing to be really taken seriously, as some might erroneously conclude. You just can’t do that if you really want the spirits to help you.

It might seem as if the authors of certain works are trying to conflate truth with fantasy sometimes – and that’s just nonsensical – we know the spirits are real, and we work with them to create real world results.

If you aren’t working with magick to create real world results, I’m not sure what you’re doing.

It has to be applicable to the world so you measure your magick in real time.

This is about working with spirits in a way that you can enhance your life and build up a more ideal future that you can be proud of.

It’s not about trying to get more than you have earned – ever.

It’s about creating the most ideal life possible without screwing over others and getting ahead at all costs.

Believe it or not the spirits don’t remotely respect that mentality – it’s just not a good thing at all.

You have to see this as a system of respect and hard work, in a way.

Working with the spirits in a way that you gain practical benefit is really the only way to do it, and some people just don’t see it that way.

Thankfully that isn’t us.

In many cases there are more serious practitioners than others. There will always be those who treat the craft professionally and hone it over time.

But there are always dabblers and non-serious practitioners who try it and don’t commit.

I’ve seen this in my own practice, where people got into it for a little bit, but fell away – and that’s like any other industry with low barrier to entry.

When magick is easily accessible you will have a crap ton of people who try it – a small portion who put it into regular practice, and even fewer who use it regularly enough to drastically change their lives.

The smallest minority are those who dedicate their lives to it – and they are the masters of their industry.

With any industry or craft with easily accessible entry, this is what happens.

The thing that separate the serious practitioners from the dabblers has always been a readiness to study, practice and develop their craft over time.

Dabblers don’t give a crap about getting more skillful at it – in fact, it’s the dabblers that make those ugly reviews yelling at different systems for not getting them results fast enough.

It’s beautiful that magick is like this. Only those who take the spirits seriously and work with them long term will truly win out.

No dabbler is willing to do that – magick has a natural bais toward those who commit to the practice long term, and I love that.

We are in an industry that rewards hard work and discourages practitioners who aren’t serious – and it shows in their results.

Magick was never about sitting around – you have to jump in and work with the spirits – they aren’t going to respect laziness in any form, really.

It’s about making serious changes in your life that also aids your spiritual ascension.

I once heard of a filter ritual for an occult coven, and it tickled my interest.

They would filter out the customers who would not take their magick seriously, and that gave me the idea to do that for my blog here.

It prevents non-serious people from reading my stuff – I just don’t want them reading my stuff.

The filter ritual for my blog is not unique – it is similar to what some covens use to keep weirdos away from their members.

Whether or not their ritual is effective is irrelevant – I have taken that idea and modified it to be useful here on this blog.

Only the people who will make use of my posts, apply it to their lives, and connect with what I have to say will be here.

That’s one thing a dabbler would never do – reverse engineer the magick to make better use of it.

Without commitment and close examination, how else would you do it?

You can’t without the proper work.

Magick naturally rewards those who put in serious effort.

This is why I question some other occultists for the way they present themselves. It just doesn’t make sense sometimes – if they believe in the spirits as much as they let on, wouldn’t they have better results as shown by their track records online and elsewhere.

We cannot say that they have taken magick for granted – that’s not really the point here.

I’m not willing to guess what they’re trying to do, but we just have to concentrate on magick that works 100% because that’s the only spirit work that matters.

You won’t find many practitioners who do rituals for others – because what’s often the case is that their results are weak compared to the hype around their magick.

We are not here to mess around – we just want results from the magick.

If you treat the craft with respect, practice full sincerity, and connect willfully with our spirit allies – our genuineness and dedication is the giant moat that separate us from ‘them’.


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