Pushing your financial life into over drive and developing long term abundance through the spirits…

by admin on May 19, 2018

At times we know that our finances our fine, but we have that small feeling that grows larger over time that we simply cannot settle for just being alright with our money.

We have to be great – exceptional – and because we already know that we can manage our money well, we need to push further and into the next level…whatever that means for us.

Everyone’s next stage is different and we have to keep in mind that others’ paths when it comes to career stuff, business and money in general can be pretty unique but just none of our business in a way.

That’s why we have to stay in our lane and just concentrate on the stuff that makes sense to us – but that’s not what most people try to do, and they tend try to copy others and it almost always ends up being a little messy because their situation isn’t theirs and they can’t copy them like they hope they could.

You have to embrace wiser and smarter finances that make sense to you – not something that only made sense for someone else’s situation, and that’s how people mess themselves up following advice and copying other people’s situations in hopes that their own circumstances change for the better – and that’s just not how it works.

If you have ever followed someone else’s advice and it literally didn’t work for you because their situation wasn’t like your situation – you know what I’m talking about.

The vague advice that we try to follow from friends and loved ones that ends up going no where – that is the stuff we need to set aside and just throw in the trash, because that is the direction we end up when we try to follow stuff that doesn’t apply to us.

This is why we have to allow the spirits to guide us in a way that perfectly makes sense to us – that guidance can bring us to the next level and is completely suited to our situation, and no one elses.

It’s like they read your situation and know exactly how to help you resolve everything and make it better – except that in our case we have nothing to fix but everything to enhance.

That is the way to avoid the bullshit advice pitfalls from others – they might talk all day about something that supposedly worked (who knows if it actually works for them) – but you need guidance that honestly and sincerely works for your situation without question, and that is why spirit guidance is so important.

Working with the spirits in this way is the next level – this is what financial growth is made of; having that custom tailored advice so that you don’t mess up your money situation with irrelevant crap rumors that doesn’t actually help anyone.

This is a massive move toward your financial growth – once you realize you just have to plow forward and do everything yourself without relying on crap advice from others, even if they seem knowledgeable and offer up vague advice you can’t really follow – this is the next level for you, and several spirits can guide you going onward…

Bune – Opens your eyes to see how your finances can be greatly enhanced in all possible ways; allows you to be much wiser and smarter with your money so that you can bring everything to an entirely new level of cash flow and general abundance.

It is not a stretch to drastically increase your cash flow through very simple steps – and that’s how most people enhance their money situation without much effort.

It’s sometimes painfully simple how we can improve our financial situations – even if all seems hopeless, there is always a creative way out that we likely don’t see, and that is how the spirits can help us out.

Other times we might vaguely know of how to transition our situations, but we may not understand how to actually take action on the knowledge that we have – and that can be a very frustrating situation – to understand generally what to do, but to not really know what steps to take.

Though this can make for a challenging situation – it doesn’t have to be something that we have to deal with long term, because the spirits can guide us to make everything better…

Lovel (fallen angel) – Brings us to see our finances in a way that we can easily boost everything in greater levels; causes us to understand exactly what to do to gain far greater prosperity and financial success – guides us to fully see and comprehend what we need to do with our money in order to get ahead.

This can be a very eye opening experience to finally see how to make everything with your finances blossom and boom in terms of making your money work for you long term – and just having more cash flow in general such that you finally feel like you have true wealth in your life in very creative and odd ways that you likely didn’t even think about before.

It can be very startling to finally see and realize that your money and actions from the past are actually making you money long term, and it is not a problem or challenge to sustain this going forward – and that is exactly what spirit guidance can do.

We are brought to the next level is ways we could have never imagined before – and that can be an earth shattering moment for us, when we realize we have hit another level with our finances, and we just didn’t know how that could be done – but we had that feeling that we could do it somehow.

Moments like these are not small, and they aren’t to be taken lightly either.

We must embrace them and push even further – because every good money situation can be made greater with wiser financial moves and more intelligent thinking…

Astarte (Sumerian spirit) – Enables you to embrace a mindset of abundance in wealth so that all of your money decisions align with long term wealth; guides you to bring in far greater income, cash flow and abundance over time in a way that you are brought to a new level financially.

As you can see, we are not aiming for minimum effort finances here – we are pushing to the next level, and that is literally whatever it means for us – and that is the beauty of working with spirits who can lead us in exactly the way that we need, without any confusion.

This can be a priceless thing for those who have a tiny bit of money, but want to push it to the next level – because knowing that you can be better with your finances can create that nagging feeling that you’re just not pushing enough – and that can lead to a crap realization later that you just aren’t as good as you could be, and laziness to become better is just not something you want to feel or deal with.

Yep, this happens to others.

And no, we are not allowing this to happen to us.

In those moments where others might take their money and potential wealth for granted – they suddenly find that it slips away, and that their lives revert back to mildly worrying about money and not completely understanding their finances.

That can never be us, and we have to embrace that the future is far brighter with a bit of spirit guidance, and we can never fall for that arrogance trap that tells us that we can do everything on our own – forsaking spirit help is just not something that smart people do, and we’re going to avoid all that financial bullshit by plowing forward the intelligent way – with their help.


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