Pushing through deep and personal ascent with osiris and leviathan….

by admin on March 5, 2019

Guiding our own lives into the heavens and beyond –

Can be a very tense, but rewarding experience – so as long as you rely on your own senses, and abilities to push and move beyond your current and past problems…

Because all of this becomes very problematic and tight around the edges – likely due to the fact that our thinking and the replies from others cements our role in history very creatively.

And that is only possible if we maximize our effort during our working stages of progress – and even that will leave us all behind, and in the stone ages – but not quite for the reasons that most people might…

We just need to move on at this point, and nothing is going to hold us back except…those pesky and nasty nagging blocks that prevent us from moving forward –

Which is almost alright, until you realize that none of that is alright and fine – and two very intensely powerful and illuminating spirits can guide us here…

Osiris (Egyptian spirit) – Helps us move on from present and past challenges, and then guides us into the next level of our evolution as it aligns with us becoming the best of ourselves very quickly – then shifts our thinking and mindset to achieve the very highest of our potential over a period of time.

Leviathan (Greek spirit) – Causes us to feel and deeply experience massively dramatic change in our mental and physical worlds to the point that our ascent is maximized and our overall evolution is forced into over drive; then twists our mindsets and actions to only support our highest good over time, and guides us to maintain the highest quality of happiness and personal fulfillment while also helping others as it fits our life purpose at the same time.

None of this is going to happen in an instant –

But it can feel very fast and abrupt when all the damaged pieces fall away, and we are left with the remnants of something worth supporting and keeping long term.

I would like to venture a guess at this point that we are completely fine and empowered in our thinking and general routine – because we know that Osiris and Leviathan are guiding us to something much stronger and less troublesome –

And yet – that now feels like the direction we were always supposed to go – and that just has to be fine as we reach outwardly and go forward into the next dimension of boundless almost energy…

But otherwise completely unbridled joy and personal growth as it relates to our general happiness and –

Nothing about this will ever leave our lives the same, but with these two spirits helping to shift out the nasty bits of our lives…somehow it might just turn out better than alright.


Explode your spiritual ascent with the Egyptian spirits:


Using Greek spirits:


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