Peacefully dealing with enemies through the fallen angels…

by admin on November 15, 2018

There is a huge difference between dealing with your enemies through punishment and pain – and dealing with them peacefully to resolve the situation amiably.

It’s sort of like trying to yell at someone to get your point across versus walking up to them calmly to tell them something – it’s not remotely the same thing, and some people just don’t see it that way.

We’re not trying to make friends or anything, but a non-aggressive form of getting them to stop their assault or get out of your life is needed.

They won’t stop – and it doesn’t matter if we’ve told them directly or not… they know that what they’re doing is wrong and they need to be punished for their actions.

These are the people who don’t remotely care about who they damage or hurt in the process of them getting what they want.

They are not good people and a couple spirits can help us remove them from our lives…

Aniel  – Removes our enemies from our lives in a peaceful way that doesn’t cause any problems for us and those closest to us; causes them great discomfort and pain for what they have caused others – their torment being in proportion to how much they have wronged others.

Daniel  – Peacefully removes our enemies from our lives in a way that causes zero disruption; they feel great pain and punishment for their actions in a way that most hurts – they will be forced to see how nasty their actions have been, and they will feel severe torment for their actions against others.

When it comes to disciplining others – there are few other spirits that can bring great punishment to others than the fallen angels.

They are not small spirits to mess with, and our enemies won’t know what hit them – but they will know how horrifyingly bad they have been to others, and it won’t be good for them.

They may not understand that they are incredibly cruel and wicked in general, but that is not our problem.

If you have an enemy that doesn’t know they’re causing crazy amounts of damage to others – there is one last angel that can help you out…

Menakel  – Causes the enemies that don’t know what they’re doing to understand what they’re doing and be removed from your life permanently; they will be the torment of what they have done and all of their actions will boomerang back causing severe pain and punishment for them.

Though our enemies might be nasty and almost nothing we do and can think of can halt their efforts… the fallen angels can help alleviate the situation so that everything turns out well – for us.

This is about seeking balance and correcting a heavy injustice in a way that is completely one sided – we never did anything wrong, and yet they continue to do their harm against us.

When stuff like this happens, most people just don’t know what to do, and that’s when we need to let the spirits take over and help resolve things without us fretting so much about something we might not be able to fully control…because there are far too many situations in which our enemies are either out of reach, or just very hidden – and the spirits are the ones who can help more effectively with that.

Sometimes it can be outright dangerous to talk to…or deal with our enemies directly – and that’s when you know the situation is kind of out of your hands.

You cannot easily remedy a situation like this yourself, and you shouldn’t have to considering that you did nothing wrong.

They just need to be dealt with in a safe and effective way, and we can work with the spirits to take care of how all of that gets resolved – without too much hassle or issues popping up that derails our efforts and causes any problems to ourselves and others.


Handle your enemies using the fallen angels:

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