My new wealth magick run part 2…

by admin on April 5, 2018

So far things have been very impacting for my businesses and client outreach.

Nothing so far has been too intense, but I can feel Hagith working his magick in the background in various ways as I work on things in a more constructive way.

With Hagith I was able to find new ways to reach certain clients, built up my reputation in certain circles, and reach very particular people that I haven’t been able to connect with before.

The next level is with…

Lucifuge Rofocale: Gives small / medium windfalls, as well as greater deals, quality customers, and greater client outreach. Everything in the biz is enhanced.

This demon does not play around when it comes to wealth creation, windfalls, and boosting your business in a way that quality services are matched with quality clients.

The drawback here is that everything is enhanced over time in most cases – so most occultist find him to be very gradual with results.

Magick has to be about long term results – sometimes you might find that things build up with results revealing itself more immediately – but it really can’t be about the short term approach, especially in business.

Lucifuge can cause great business shifts and better connections – it’s not about overnight results with him at all, but some people see it that way.

They then become discouraged with the magick and it sucks because that lust for results sort of prevents the magick from flowing.

Can you imagine if you were talking to someone, then suddenly they crossed their arms, gave a big sigh and looked away?

You would think that they were completely uninterested – bored – with your conversation.

They have short circuited the conversation and they won’t remember much, if anything.

That’s similar to magick and working with a powerful spirit like Lucifuge.

He wants you to be invested in your work in such a way that you have patience for things to unfold and the readiness to act when opportunities strike.

This is not about short term results – but if some faster results pop up, that’s great.

It’s like wanting a meal done faster – if you happen to prepare beforehand, make everything ready and cook it as quickly as possible, it will be done faster.

But if you try to shortcut your results – you will be trying to eat something that isn’t done – and that’s literally not how it works.

If you try to short cut magickal results by pushing the energy that you want it faster than it can come to you – it will literally tell the spirits that you aren’t being patient, and likely don’t deserve a proper result.

I’m getting into the territory here where I can understand my clients perfectly well in a way that benefits the both of us, and that is a power from Hagith as long as you connect with enough potential customers in a way that shows them you care.

Lucifuge has a few other side powers that will greatly aid my businesses going forward, but it’s his understanding of how money is created that will help me push my profits into an entirely new level.

Few can work with these types of spirits, but I have a chance here to explore their powers for my businesses in a way that I can share here, and also report my experiences in a way that shows others that these spirits are perfectly reasonable to work with.

Hagith gave me the foundation for my newest business, and Lucifuge will push everything to the next stage – and that will be an exciting new journey for me to share here.


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