My (new) amped up wealth magick run p1…

by admin on March 26, 2018

This is a mini journal within all my other posts.

I have spoken to the proper spirits and have crafted my own unique wealth magick run with entirely new spirits.

This run starts with the Olympic spirit…

Hagith – Increase wealth vibration immediately so you can handle the other spirits.

He does roughly the same as leviathan of Wealth Magick and pushes your wealth vibration up so that you can handle the other spirits and they changes they push your way.

This going to be very interesting for the fact that most of these spirits are somewhat uncommon but still quite powerful.

As always with my magickal experiments I am pushing myself up with new spirits, and expanding my comfort zone, in this case to build greater wealth.

Others might test out new spirits to attract love, learn about themselves more etc

But here I am pushing my comfort levels to the max as I explore the limits of what I can do in business and in my personal finances.

To be clear, I will be working with Hagith as the foundation for my new wealth magick journey.

I have already done 3 runs of the original WM, and they’ve basically stated I am 100% done with that volume.

I am aiming my efforts at building up my ritual for hire service, so that will basically reflect the results I get from this mini journal / journey that I have here.

Take note that my last run of Wealth Magick brought me the development of my ritual for hire service, and now it is time to expand things to see where things can take me.

This run should last about 1 week with Hagith, and roughly 4 months (a little bit less) with the other spirits I have lined up.

The next spirit will guide me through business things such as getting greater deals, attracting quality customers, and expanding my client outreach. Everything in the business will be enhanced.

The spirit after that will boost all current projects and gives perfect insight at the right time to propel everything new into manifestation.

The one after will develop current projects to launch well. He enhances cash flow and keeps fresh ideas coming. His focus is at long term business development and keeping all projects in order and profitable.

The spirit second to last helps defeats competition in a way that encourages your services to look better. Then he guides you to make your services better so that competition and marketing is more effective.

The final spirit dissolves all problems so that the business can do well long term. You get a future vision of how the business will develop. A long term vision for decent cash flow is realized. You now have a strategy for long term wealth.

So all of this should be pretty exciting.

These are not small spirits, but lesser worked with and known powerful wealth workers that can push you to the next level.

I will be doing random bouts with Elemiah and a few other healing angels if emotions get rough, which they definitely always did during my Wealth Magick runs.

Will this be fun? Of course it will.

I always push my limits with my magick and it will be very fun exploring new spirits, and a new business while I help others boost their lives.


The Olympic spirits:

Need a financial boost?

Looking for something else?

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