My First Fallen Angel evocation (2017)…

by admin on February 19, 2018

This was pretty interesting, but the highlight of this experiment so far has been dealing with the fallen angels and my invocation of the baneful aspect Rahael.

I was guided to lay down for this summoning. I had a traced sigil for Rahael in my hand I was staring at. I don’t often light incense anymore, but I had it going just in case.

I followed the basic invocation structure the book details (Shem Ha Mephorash), then I called to Rahael.

(Sigil of Rahael – from the Black Magick Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash)

First I felt him, but didn’t see him. I felt very cold (and mind you it was a very hot day) and the air sort of sucked out of the room a bit. The intense fumes dancing around a bit. My dog was lying at my feet, at first asleep, but now awake (she’s always in the room for rituals.)

Then I felt very odd, sort of sleepy and half awake. I let myself go a little deeper, still calling to the spirit.

Very faintly I saw his outline before me. A huge rotting angel with massive decaying wings.

As I sank deeper into trance, the sort of sleepy but awake state, I saw him clearer and clearer.

This to me was my image of the angel of death. I saw something like this when I was small and it always lingered with me. A fantastically horrible image of divinity dying and rotting. Light smoke pouring out of his decaying flesh. Honestly, pretty fucking hideous and normally I would have been fearful, but I was curious and startled. A very powerful moment considering how long I had feared this image, now a figure before me.

He came closer, face to face.

R: “I know exactly what you want. But what will you give to get it?”

He was a baneful angel so I wanted him to curse my enemies. And not just a light curse, but to disable them and/ or remove them from earth if needed. If I call on him to take care of an enemy, I no longer want that enemy around. Period. If im calling on him this is a last resort; a smash the glass in emergency type situation.

Me: “What would you like?”

He paused, and im sure now he wanted me to take in his appearance, because it was still quite intimidating so damned close to me.

R: “You must embrace death. You do not appreciate it. You do not feel it.”

The thought caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to respond. He continued.

R: “Open your mouth.”

I slowly opened my mouth, and he entered me. His body turned to a smoke/ grey substance like smoke and ash. I immediately tasted a heavy metallic taste mixed with ash and something else.

I felt his smoke pouring from my nose and eyes. He became me, and I him. The decaying wings my own as I stretched them as an angel of death. To master the frightening figure that haunted me since I was a child. I was transcending my fear of death. Or at least some aspect of it. This felt like a dream that was completely out of my control. For several moments – I have no idea how long – my body tensed and wasn’t under my control. I didn’t want to move anything; im not even sure I could if I had wanted.

R: “Every time you summon me I want you to embrace death. Find a corpse or something rotting and use your senses to take it in. Call to me offering this to me. It will be a sweat delight and your senses will fight you as you embrace death and me.”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant so I asked for clarification.

Me: “Can you show me what you mean by a corpse or something rotting? Can you guide me to what you mean?”

It was here that the trace state lifted a bit. Like a snake uncoiling from its prey, I felt relief and a release of tension, my surroundings coming back to me. But I still had a mild sleepy feel. I could have been sleep walking; I have no idea. But it felt like I was awake, but closely watched.

I went to walk outside, taking my dog with me since it was a perfect chance to give her some exercise.

We went around the block a bit further this time to a canyon just beyond my neighborhood. It just felt right to go there.

In walking around the canyon there was a dead pigeon just off the path. Brandy sniffed at her, nudging it with her nose then pulled away. I felt inclined to stoop down and study it.

So this is what he meant.

I used a stick to roll the body more into my view. I teared up a bit considering I haven’t been so close to any bird like this. The last bird I had close to me belonged to my parents, and it had died in the winter months after many years. There was beauty in death but it was sad and sort of bittersweet. To relinquish the body and transcend time and reality to meet the astral and beyond.

That was a tough moment, but something told me it was very personal. Embracing death was a bigger issue than I thought for me. Seeing it, and the hint of rot from the bird corpse woke up something deep and sentimental to me.

I thought simply: “Do I feel it now? Is this to appreciate it?”

R: “It’s a good start. You may also use rotting food, since most in your area comes from deceased animals. Just remember to let yourself feel it and let yourself go. That will be your offering to me, for every request, three days straight you shall embrace death in this way.”

My energy felt heavy and the body felt worn. Like I had walked up and down a mountain all day. But I felt awake. I felt renewed in an odd way. I had transcended a tiny piece of fear, and it felt empowering.

It’s also interesting that he didn’t question the frequency that I would be calling him. I don’t plan to call him often at all, but he gave me a clean and obvious plan to offering to him in exchange for his work.

Never in a million years did I expect to see a massive decaying angel as part of any summoning ever. But this also proved to me that evocation/ invocation is subjective. It can be a very deep lesson for us.

Would others who evoke Rehael see the angel of death as I saw him? Not likely, because that’s my fear, not theirs. It all felt very subjective.

At the very end I asked him if I would feel life tension and turbulence as a result of working with him.

R: “Not quite as you imagine it. It is your connection to death that must be strengthened. The fear in you is deep seated, but must be released. I will work on your requests and you must give your offerings, but you must follow through, or turbulence may indeed come. That is how this works. The act of assimilating death more may cause you more discomfort and discord than anything from me, but that is a deep issue you must transcend. Embracing and appreciation of the dead is your offering to me. It is a fair request. Keep in mind that I may shift the offering slightly depending on what you task to me. That offering will fit most tasks, but I can and will demand more if needed. This is also fair.”

The experience was quite tame compared to what I expected. I really thought I would hit life turbulence, as if a big hand was pushing down on me trying to strangle the life out of me. But appreciating death really isn’t that bad, but it definitely needs to be followed through.

I got the feeling it might be hard at times to find a corpse or rot that I can appreciate, so traveling a bit might be needed sometimes.

I also got the feeling that if I wanted to summon him frequently, he would have me visit a morgue or something to fully take in the essence of death. That might have been a little intense for me, but he definitely fit the offering to the level of energy im asking for.  I wanted to know I could summon him, communicate with him, and call on him again if needed. I got everything I needed out of this successful evocation.

Hail Rehael!

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