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The School of Athens

Join the old world of the students who dealt with the issues that plagued the school of Athens millennia ago and their fight to maintain order and balance in a very chaotic world, while also trying to figure out life as adolescent youths.

Kingdom Come

Discover the journey of king solomon and how he ventured to develop his businesses, encountering a world of resistance and handling everything as he pushed to create a better and more awake business world and society.

The School of Athens – Book 2

Follow the students and faculty of the school of Athens as they deeply explore their lives, and reach for the stars as their enemies push deeper into their school to plumb the depths of their deepest fears.

The Land of Hebarn

Join the inhabitants of a long forgotten civilization who underwent a very drastic and insidious series of events that led them to massive conflict and life turbulence, while trying to fend off an evil enemy in a not so far off land.

The School of Athens – Book 3

The battle is not yet won as the people of the school of Athens continue their harrowing quest through the darkness of their own personal struggles as well as attempting to finish this unrelenting game of torture.


Upcoming books:

I Saw The Devil

She Once Was Mine

To Burn Thy Wings Alive

To Embrace Warm Winds


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