Molding and crafting your reality using baphomet…

by admin on November 27, 2018

When you want things to work out for the better but things don’t feel quite right –

You might need to have a very particular and creative spirit guide you into the next level.

This doesn’t meant that you’re looking for small or insignificant change here…

But you might want to mentally prepare yourself, and possibly just hold on for dear life –

Because this is not going to be a small or insignificant trivial shift we’re enacting here…and that’s something we have to embrace rather than avoid.

One spirit can guide us into a much stronger and more flexible, though more stable and desirable world and reality…

Baphomet – Causes humongous life shifts such that our worlds and internal lives get changed for the better, thereby creating dramatic and intense life changes and shifts in our physical worlds and realities over a short period of time.

This will be a very potent and mind altering journey, and we have to remember how all of this comes together in a very different way.

If you really want your world and society to change differently, then you must start within and explore outwardly – and that’s not a small thing to embrace or feel into –

We all have to make and create deeper lasting change in our realities as whole, which then permeate outwards, and nothing else can stay the same…

Working with a spirit like baphomet can be incredibly deep and profound in all the oddest and quirkiest ways – but we have to embrace the fierce and obvious changes that come our way –

…or else things will just stay the same, and that’s exactly what we do not want.

Sometimes we just need to push into that next level, and it can happen over time, or in a single instant…

And that’s why we need guidance and direction from the gods and spirits so that our lives aren’t trapped within problems and other hindrances that can hold us back.


Shift and bend your world using baphomet:

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