Making Your First Demonic Breakthrough…

by admin on March 4, 2018

Having that first connection and result with a demon can be a bit tricky at first.

Everyone has their first spirits / demons they start working with.

My own series of experiences with demons started with Claunech and a few others.

I felt a strong connection and realized, “Oh shit, there must be a lot I’m missing out on with avoiding demons so much.”

As time went on and I reflected back I realized how powerful it can be to work with them.

I worked with the angels very aggressively when I started out. I got results. Then I asked the angels where I should go from here and I was pointed to work with the demons a lot more.

In my first explorations of demons Astaroth gave me my first result.

I didn’t even use his sigil. I just called his name and made my request. I didn’t feel much, but eventually got some cash randomly which was around what I asked him for.

If you count the Old Ones I suppose that can loosely be my second result, again for money (I count the “Old Ones” as obscure entities that people don’t really work with – they’re just regular spirits, honestly).

My magickal momentum didn’t start with much.

Just a tiny spark has led to an inferno of results that have snowballed over these past several months.

But I did the same thing that I did when I first got into angel rituals – I just kept going even when I didn’t necessarily feel contact or results.

Technically I might have stopped after the Astaroth ritual since I didn’t feel much if any contact. But the result came, and everything just developed from there.

This stuff was working, and it didn’t take 3 – 5 months like it did when I first started to really see results.

I didn’t contact Astaroth, Vine, Lucifuge or the other demons using regular methods (I talk to them directly), but it allowed me a taste of what they could do.

By working with demons you have taken the darkness and poured light into it.

Anyone who seriously works with demons knows that the darkness was never so dark.

Yes, technically demons are often used for baneful works, but what you didn’t know is that angels secretly do baneful works on behalf of humans. Call it karma or whatever you wish, if someone is unjustly wronged, the angels will guide the victim to the proper spirits (if they are in the occult) and they can execute the proper ritual. The angels are 100% into righting injustice.

So what am I saying here?

All im saying is that the darkness is very misunderstood. It used to be that merely saying you work with or study demons created panic in others.

That’s not really how it is anymore, is it?

In certain ignorant circles they might shun the mention of them, but in the bigger picture, people tend to be far more open minded about that kind of thing.

What if you’ve been working with demons but haven’t really had results?

Honestly, that’s not a big deal AT ALL.

I worked with angels for months before I had results, then they became part of my regular rituals.

The point here is that the spirits, namely the angels AND demons, respect hard work and dedication.

Keep going because something is going to give.

Whether it’s a Lucifuge ritual that finally gets you a new job, or a rite with Orobas giving you extra cash out of the blue, or a ritual with Gaap to “attain any desire”…something is going to allow you your breakthrough, and doing more rituals with growing confidence and surety is the way forward.

I promise you that your breakthrough is coming very soon IF you haven’t already experienced that first spark of results.


Want help with working with the demons?

Curious about working with the Old Ones?

Want more magickal power and control?

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