Life purpose and which spirits to choose for each point of your life…

by admin on March 18, 2018

What does success mean to you, really?

Everyone has their own definition of life success.

But did you know that the spirits can help you with that?

This is not about getting a shortcut to success but rather enhancing your current path so that you know exactly what to do at which time.

They can even help you shift tracks and move to something else. If you need to move your train elsewhere – and sometimes it can literally feel like moving a huge train – the spirits can help.

What do you do if you can’t decide what to do or where to go?

I thought you’d never ask…

Riyiyel – Discover your new life direction if you are stuck. She will give you guidance on what to focus on and how to start in that new direction.

Now we’re going a little obscure.

Why don’t we dive into some paradigms you may not have worked with before?

Nanna (Sumerian) – Provides inspiration and clarity in times of worry. If you have any worries about your future, she can help.

Shub-Niggurath (the Old Ones) – Gives life direction and inspiration as it related to a career / new business.

Och (Olympic spirit) – Gives inspiration and new ideas in times where you are confused about life direction / life purpose.

Prometheus (Greek spirit) – Deepens life understanding and provides new direction if needed. Aids one to find life purpose if they are off track.

Is there a reason why I’ve selected other paradigms for this post?

If you need life direction, you need to shift the way you think, and working with angels and demons is sort of old thinking (not really, but you need to expand your comfort zone).

I’m betting you’ve never remotely considered any of these spirits to work with.

Why is that?

They are literally similar power to the others we have mentioned. Doesn’t it make sense to use spirits who are specifically tailored to your situation?

This isn’t about shifting your whole life situation or anything. You just want some new life direction, and sometimes a little nudge is needed (just a tiny one).

But if you want a bigger change, for everything to shift completely because you need A LOT of things to change and you almost can’t wait for it to change fast enough…I have a solution for you.

Morpheus (Greek spirit) – Can cause a complete reality shift. If you want a 180 degree change to your life situation, he is the one to work with. You will have a radical shift from this guy, and everything will be better and different.

Morpheus is the guy you look when everything feels completely stuck, stale, or wrong in your life.

He is not just about life direction, but shifting those life tectonic plates to move you in a drastically different direction (once you are in your new direction – use other spirits to guide you to success).

Do you really need this big of a change? Only you can decide that.

The one key determining factor here for using any of these spirits is that your sense of wanting to change is far larger than the fear holding you back.

Do you really want significant change in your life?

I ask because those who ask for it tend to get it, and it’s not what you expect.

These spirits will show you exactly where you need to go and they will shift heaven and earth to get you there (you’re actually closer than you think).

Are you ready for some seismic change?

Well, then – if you are, let’s go.


Using the angels:

Sumerian spirits:

The Old Ones:

The Olympic spirits:

The Greek spirits:

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