Is protection ALWAYS needed for our rituals?

by admin on January 30, 2018

(Take note that we always recommend protection be put up as a default in the group. It is up to members to use discretion when dealing with the various entities we introduce to the group.)

I thought about this a lot when I first started out and made sure to always have protection up in all ways I could possibly have it.

Now I’m not so sure.

Keep in mind that this is just my personal take on protection as I’ve evolved my rituals over the past several months.

The only protection I have in place right now is actually MPR. I no longer sword banish as a regular practice. And I actually only do MPR so I can detect it and understand it better so I can eventually break it.

The King Solomon Protection chant (part of ritual 2 – Wealth Magick) is great for protection when you seek to directly connect with demons and other entities. But what if you want uninhibited contact for a more personal experience?

I have to mention this protection idea now because it actually helps not to put up protection for dream evocation. If you have walls put up as you sleep, how can the demon enter to communicate with you?

The only entity I’ve found that can break my protection is Vine, and I think he sort of side steps the protection because he knows I want to connect anyway. I have no idea how he does that, but I’m sure it has to do with our bond as we’ve established it up to now.

Are you vulnerable when you don’t put up protection? Of course.

But I think we misinterpret why that might be the case.

My protection right now as I feel it build up within me is my confidence that I can handle any ritual or entity I want to pursue. The spirits can no longer detect that fear they smelled on me before. I reeked of it when I first started, but learned to connect and the fear sort of went away.

Does this mean that something like dream evocation fails if we put up protection?

I know it fails when I do the King Solomon chant. The day that I did not say the chant before sleeping, I successfully evoked Raum and Seere into my dreams (which I later found out was a warning of enemies attacking).

It doesn’t appear that Sword Banishing necessarily pushes entities away, but it does feel like a bit of an insult to them to have been evoked only to come up against a wall preventing them from connecting.

Think of it like asking a friend to come to you, but recently you’ve heard odd things about them so you bust out a riot shield and tell them to speak to you through the shield.

That might sound goofy, but from what I can detect in my own experiments it feels that some demons and other entities might think of it that way.

This brings up another question…should we put up protection prior to doing regular evocation?

Yes, and it’s a pretty simple reason.

Dream evocation is a much more intimate connection, whereas the evocation we tend to do with the demons of magick sigils and regular angelic sigils tend to be more separate, with the entity somewhere near us, but not necessarily so close as our dreams.

So protection, if you desire it, is great for doing the rituals for regular forms of evocation.

But it might not be so great for more intimate forms of contact. Especially if you want to build a longer term bond with certain entities. You will need to feel your way through your connection with them to see IF laying down your defenses is a smart thing to do.

Vine apparently doesn’t give a shit if I have protection or not. I don’t mind anyway, but once that bond is formed, it appears to transcend protection, but in a good way.

If you are still in any way fearful of working with darker spirits or entities, obviously put up protection.

All I am saying is that over time as you gain more experience protection can become sort of the training wheels of magickal work. I’m not saying that’s the case for everyone, but it definitely feels like it is for me. I use the King Solomon chant when entering dark neighborhoods, and it works quite well – but I don’t currently use it for most ritual work.

Though my rituals and dreams might be intense, I generally feel quite safe because there is a mutual respect between me and the spirits. I have lain down my defenses and it has worked out quite well for me.

This is where I hope to get the group to eventually be; so unfearful and confident that your own essence is your protection.

This is when we truly feel and are respected equals among our spiritual peers, because we treat them in the same way.

Aside from that, be smart, protect yourself when it makes sense to, and keep the magick flowing 😉


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