Increasing your understanding and brain power with uranus…

by admin on March 11, 2019

Because we all crave and desire a stronger and faster brain –

And no one wants to actually literally physically degrade over time…

Because that doesn’t make an ounce of sense – but we still have to keep on our guard, but not even really our toes –

But still – because of how our minds and cranks and levers within our mental systems work…

We just need to be on our best the whole darn time, and nothing will keep us back from knowing and understanding full and complete truth than –

Pushing as hard as we can in all the right and most fruitful directions – and one very special planetary spirit can help us mightily here…

Uranus (planetary spirit) – Shifts your thinking and mindset to completely align with stronger and more mentally clear and accurate thinking, then guides you to all the necessary tools and things you need and require to expand your mind, focus and memory to all the necessary and desired levels.

This is not a small change, but we have to be positive and appreciative that the gods are allowing us to become smarter people –

Because that is a huge deal, and nothing really breaks us down more than feeling inadequate and worth far less than…

…we just cannot allow our minds to rot and grow dim – because it is the only thing that we have, and that cannot easily nor ever really go away –

And uranus won’t allow us to do anything like that, so we just have to focus hard and concentrate on what we need on a daily basis…

Because if we don’t – mars and other might have to come after us, and that won’t be anything good at all.


Enhance brain power with Uranus:

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