Increasing your brain power with magick…

by admin on June 10, 2018

Can you imagine that the spirits can literally boost your brain potential?

This is not a joke, and some of you already know that the spirits can do things like this.

If your thinking power can been questionable lately you might need some spirits to help bring things back up to speed.

Can you imagine if you were able to think clearly and remember things easier?

There’s not a single person who can’t benefit from this, and yet most people don’t think to use the spirits this way.

We’re not talking about becoming a genius here – even raising your thinking speed and memory one level can be very useful; this means to think and remember things generally more clearly, which everyone can use.

This is about increasing the amount of your brain that you use on a daily basis so that you can be more efficient with your life – not something that most people can remotely say.

The spirits are willing to help and now is the time to change; this is not something you’re going to forget about and do later.

Here are a few spirits that can help you boost your brain power…

Hagith (Olympic spirit) – Increases your memory as it relates to matters that are important to you; generally increases memory so that you become less forgetful.

Yichuiah – Enhances mental clarity in a way that directly affects memory (mildly) and intelligence; gently increases intelligence as it applies to important daily matters.

Cronus (Greek spirit) – Directly improves memory, intelligence and mental clarity for those who need it for a general boost.

Valac – Improves intelligence in those who most need a boost in memory, mental clarity and general thinking speed.

Literally anyone can benefit from using these spirits – and anyone can boost their brain power generally, and long term by using these spirits.

You will even be guided to the proper diet that supports the highest functioning of your brain through…

Phaleg (Olympic spirit) – Guides you to the proper diet and nutrition that best supports mental health / fitness; this will enable you to have a diet that completely supports full body nutrition.

Your diet doesn’t just target your bodily health – what about your brain?

This is why Phaleg is very important, not just for your body, but for your mind as well. Quite an important distinction that your body and mind both need proper nutrition, and sadly most people only concentrate on bodily health; which is a mistake.

Can you imagine having a faster brain that can actually think of the right things at the right time?

Only intelligent people think that way, right?

Wrong, and that’s why most people don’t think of proper brain health in terms of changing their diets to accommodate maintaining their minds – it’s just opposite thinking, in a way. How will you remember your bodily nutrition if you don’t have proper memory anymore?

Do you think this would become a routine change for you – to improve your brain in such a way that you start thinking and acting smarter; this is how intelligent people do their nutrition, by maintaining brain health in a way that also support their bodies.

Would you like to know of a spirit power that can also help determine which mental exercises you should do?

Keliel (fallen angel) – Discover the proper exercises to do that help enhance your brain power over time; these positively affect memory, mental clarity, and general intelligence.

Will you be connecting the dots to put these spirits together in a way that illuminates your life through enhanced mental capacity?

That’s not something to shrug off either, we are exploring your brain health and power in a way that lets you see the best for your particular brain and body – both need to be equally balanced and enhanced for best results.

Can you imagine the new better you – this is how it happens; through better health, nutrition, diet, and exercise…

…isn’t that how it happens for bodily diet and health anyway?

You want a stronger, leaner, more agile body and that’s always the recommendation.

This isn’t about making huge life shifts right away; you’re literally just making small changes over time that accumulate to bigger life changes for you – namely a better and faster mind.

Are you ready to boost your brain?

The spirits are ready for you to reach out.


Boost your brain power using the Olympic spirits:

The demons:

The Greek spirits:

Sumerian spirits:

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