Increasing life and career success through mars and neptune…

by admin on February 27, 2019

Anything at all in this life could get you marched straight into the nearest – but farthest gutter.

And we don’t want that, because that’s just a stupid thing to settle for, and no one really – honestly, wants to go heads up…

…just full life calamity and headache right on the spot, without any real recognition of the truth –

Because we still need a bit of guidance all around, and nothing really truly makes any sense whatsoever…likely because we have far too much confusion and mental heartache trying to dig out our long lost desires and goals.

We don’t need to dwell on the past – but sincerely, and regrettably…

All at the same time, nothing really truly makes any sense whatsoever – and I am happy, but almost hesitant to say…that a few very carefully strong and aware spirits are here to help us out –

But only if you are open to their very specific and focused guidance…

Mars (planetary spirit) – Removes any negative thoughts and ideas that we might have about who we are, and what we are supposed to do in this life in general, then guides us to fully embrace our life purpose as it relates to self improvement, happiness and general prosperity.

Neptune (planetary spirit) – Destroys any ideas and feelings that we are not good enough to be ourselves, and amplifies our desire to be the highest version of ourselves at all times – then shifts our actions and mindset to greater success in money and our personal lives, and expands our efforts overall to accommodate far highest levels of personal achievement.

When you want to develop your mind to the point that your internal world attracts in…

And even that thought and almost bit of wisdom did not go the direction we thought it might in general –

Nothing about this general experience has to be so rough, but we cannot easily fathom how our lives and internal torment might deliver us into unfavorable…and still yet unfathomable results in general.

I cannot easily accept, nor take the fact that our lives cannot and almost refuse to get influenced and not even shaken…

But stirred into a very differently new direction – without a lot of compromise, and yes – none of this will happen without our own direct intervention into this life in general.

No one can say what the year will hold, except us – because will we know what we are consciously creating, and that just doesn’t not make sense anymore –

Because our minds, lives and intuitive breaks will guide us into something far stronger and greater – and nothing really will be allowed to be left behind, because the spirits won’t be allowing that, really.

And our own standards for whatever is right and wrong will no longer allow for us to become so differently…not even negative, but off track – because mars and neptune cannot allow for us to go that very fool hardy path and direction…

Which doesn’t have to be a thing, and yes to everything good and positive in this world, because it just won’t be a question anymore that we finally…somehow…some way –

Had no doubts of what we could do, and that’s why we had the spirits working with us the whole time.


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