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by admin on May 29, 2018

In situations where you just don’t want to stay the same and you can’t stand that you don’t know how to change to the person you want to be – a little life makeover might be in order.

This isn’t as drastic as you might think – all we’re doing is guiding your actions in a way that bends and shifts reality so that everything you need and desire in life just comes to you.

We’re talking about a huge shift into you becoming who you are meant to be, rather than staying the same old person you would do anything not to be.

Sometimes you just need some direction and a bit of an awakening to get you going, and it will always be better than all the stuff you left behind.

We obviously don’t want to stay stuck in the past – you likely know at least one person who just doesn’t know how to grow up, and that can be a hideous thing to see; someone who needs to grow up and move on but just doesn’t want to or doesn’t know how to – and that’s why we have to be completely different.

It’s not that we’re stuck on purpose – we just don’t know what to do in order to get ahead, and that’s exactly what the spirits can help us with.

Everything just gets a lot clearer and better when we have the proper guidance, and when you have the right life direction – nothing is ever the same, and several spirits can help with that…

Phul (Olympic spirit) – Guides you to understand what you need to do in life so that everything is just better and nothing is the same; you know how to enhance and change your life in all ways that matter going forward and you will know you are completely on track with everything.

These are not changes that we know to do so readily – they are changes that come through interesting shifts in how we see our situation and where we want to be.

That’s why we sometimes just have no clue what the next steps is; we don’t get that we need to know where we want to go in order to make that next move – and it’s like that for a lot more people than most realize, and we just have to accept that and work with it.

It’s not that we’re so confused – it’s that we just need a little nudge, and not even that big of a push – just enough to set us into motion.

Sometimes it just takes a tiny little spark, and even if you roughly know where you want to go in life – sometimes we get stuck on some situation, idea or whatever it is that we can’t quite figure out – and that’s when we need a push in the right direction to figure things out for good; and one spirit can help with that…

Nememiah (fallen angel) – Grants you deep understanding of life direction and where to go when you are stuck; causes you to see all ways that you can improve your life so that everything becomes a lot better very fast and in a way that you don’t have any confusion going into the future.

Once you have spirit guidance to help you – even if you aren’t completely lost – everything gets exponentially better, and you likely won’t believe how things have changed in so little time.

When your situation is job related however, it can be a little weird at times because you know you have to work but you might not be sure if you’re doing the right thing long term.

In some cases being at that job long term isn’t even a thing – you want to move on but have no idea where to go, and that can lead to a mid-life crisis if you’re not careful, and it’s just not a place you want to go – especially if you just want some peace and happiness in your life.

This is not about trying to make huge discomforting shifts in your life – you just want to be happy and possibly thrive in your work environment – even a career might be in order if that’s what we need to aim at.

It’s not out of the question to shift yourself into a career if that is the problem, and sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves about what we want out of life and our jobs.

One spirit in particular can help here…

Enlil (Sumerian spirit) – Enables you to understand yourself perfectly in a way that you know where to go with your work life; guides you to the proper job or career so that you can be happy and have plenty of room for growth so that you can grow long term in a position that you won’t get tired of and that you can rely on for years to come.

In situations where your work life is a bit odd or questionable, this can be the perfect power to use to get everything straightened away and put in order.

This also means that all bases for life direction and basic happiness are covered here – besides covering our love lives – we have touched on everything that seriously mattered including personal happiness, professional workplace and long term employment, and general life direction where everything just gets a lot better in a short amount of time.

None of this is unrealistic, but staying the same can be – and none of us want to stay stuck in positions that feel impossible to pull ourselves out of just because we didn’t act earlier.

It’s not a question that we want to improve ourselves in all ways that matter – but we just have to remain open to the fact that the spirits can be our best options at times to create a better life, and we just need to seek out that help when life calls and we need to get going.


Improve your life using the Olympic spirits:

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