How to retain and enhance your mental faculties using magick…

by admin on October 14, 2018

Mental health and maintaining brain health is a very important thing we all want.

If you can sustain great mental clarity, memory and positive demeanor in general – you will have many happy years in front of you.

There are many spirits that want to help us retain and sustain our brain power and mental health.

You just have to be open enough to working with them so that you can sustain your mental faculties long term in a way that supports brain health, mind power and your memory in general.

Having strong memory – both short and long term – is very important here.

You cannot have mental clarity and thinking speed if you can’t remember what you’re doing – it just doesn’t make sense.

The worst is having something great to say, but forgetting everything at the wrong time.

It’s just not a good experience, and you want to keep your brain in good shape so you can remember all the crucial details without any slippage going into your elderly years.

This is not about becoming a genius or anything – that’s not what this is about.

You are looking into spirit guidance so that your daily routine and brain become adjusted in a way that supported greater mental health in general – and nothing is out of alignment of you having a better brain in the months and years to come.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that brain health isn’t important.

You know it, I know it – if you didn’t know – you might have forgotten, and that’s not good is it?

Don’t over think this.

The spirits can help us and they’re willing to guide you in ways you’ve likely never expected…

Bethor (Olympic spirit) – Enables you change your daily habits in a way that encourages better brain health; you start doing everything necessary to boost your brain power, memory and anything else that can encourage greater mental clarity on a daily basis.

Nitel (fallen angel) – Causes you to make drastic changes to your daily habits and life in a way that pushes you to discover the best ways to boost and sustain your mental abilities, short and long term memory, and mental clarity in a way that lasts long term.

If you can imagine yourself on your best day – fully mentally strong and quick witted – then you can boost your abilities in such a way that enables you to have those ‘best days’ on a continual basis.

That is no fantasy – nor is it a joke that you just mentally play around with.

This is truth and reality in a way that most people don’t think is possible.

You can push yourself to become a better person – stronger in brain, mind and memory – thereby retaining your personality going into your upper years without any problems.

Those who don’t want to change their routine so readily are the ones who need some extra help.

It’s nothing for them to go along and hope for the best.

But for those around them – namely loved ones – they might just want to give them a tiny little nudge.

It’s not a big deal, except that it is a big deal when shit hits the fan and they can’t remember who the fuck they are.

Not such a small thing when that happens – right?

That’s why the loved ones have to step up and give them help in a way that most counts…

Astaroth – Causes the target to retain and enhance their memory, mental clarity and thinking speed so that their general mental faculties are retained going into old age.

Hachashiah (fallen angel) – Enables the target to sustain their brain power, mental clarity and memory as they go into their upper years; their general mental abilities are retained and boosted so that they retain their mental youth.

Even if you are the one that needs the mental help – you can always help your loved ones so that you aren’t the only one that remembers details that are important.

Some couples rely on one person remembering everything while the other one figures out important details – and that really shouldn’t be how it is.

Both people – whether or not they are a couple – need to figure out how they can both sustain great mental capacities as the years come and go.

We are just making sure you stay yourself as you grow into your future self – this is not about becoming someone you are not – it’s just that the best of you and others comes out, and those mental abilities stay strong and agile regardless of your age.

This is what everyone wants – a mental fountain of youth – and it exists, as long as you know that the spirits can help you and you work with them to sustain that mental youth.


Develop your mental agility with the Olympic spirits:

Using the fallen angels:

Using the demons:

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