How to know whether a spirit is willing to work with you or not…

by admin on March 8, 2018

This is a curious topic that many don’t even think about.

How do you know whether a spirit wants to work with you or not?

You might not even have considered this before, but it’s pretty important.

One thing in the occult that most people don’t really think about is that spirits talk to us all the time, but we don’t even know it.

If a spirit is coming to your mind, they’re likely wanting to work with you.

This is called thought resonance, and the spirits nudge you when they can help you with a problem you might be having.

I’ve spoken about this before briefly, but it’s a very important topic for occultists.

We can’t let go of the nudges that hit us, especially at times when life becomes a struggle.

Many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You think of a bunch of angels, arch angels, or even demons. You don’t even realize that they have powers that can help you.

Sometimes just asking through your thoughts gets them into your life. They know you won’t have the thought later to do a ritual – or who aren’t into the occult and don’t do rituals at all – they’ll still help you.

It might not be as big of a result as compared to working with them through rituals. Keep in mind that our rituals show dedication and effort. You put in effort and the spirits help you out.

Very simple.

But what about the paradigms that are kind of obscure that you’ve kind of heard of, but don’t know how to work with?

Here is where I can help just a tiny bit.

In my research I have worked with a number of very uncommon spirits / cultures that most people don’t even remotely think about.

Sometimes we think of the Greek Gods and don’t remotely consider that – yes – they are spirits too and they are willing to work with us, especially if we’re thinking about them!

This is a huge thing for many occultists, because they don’t know most of the names (they vaguely do) and/or they don’t know of their powers. Just like most occultists didn’t know what the angel powers were until the GoM explored them in their books, here I am going to explore the powers of little known spirits and paradigms you’ve likely heard of in some way but have never really explored yourself.

Greek Gods and their Powers:

Sumerian Gods and their Powers:

The Old Ones (Necronomicon) and their Powers:

Powerful stuff, isn’t it?

Did you seriously think that angels and demons were the only spirits you could work with?

Some cultures work with the dead quite extensively and it works very well for them (Voudon, Palo Mayombe etc).

The bottom-line here is that many of you would likely fall in love with some of these paradigms if you knew them better and understood what they could do.

Some of the powers are obscure but if any of these spirits catch your eye then maybe they can help you.

Of this list, the Old Ones might be the most obscure.

I assure you, however, that they are very strong, very capable, and nothing like you’ve likely ever worked with.

The Greek Gods are good for day to day stuff – lucky breaks, enhancing your life in small ways – budget, getting food etc.

The Sumerian Gods like to enhance life through significant shifts and transitions. If you need a big financial shift, they can help you get wiser to make the needed changes. They can also curse like crazy if the situation calls for it. But they have a very balanced range of powers.

Yep, this post likely wasn’t what you thought it would be about.

Yep, you’re likely now thinking about spirits you never remotely considered.

Yep, your life is likely to change in very significant ways…IF you allow the spirits to help you.

This isn’t difficult at all. It just takes a bit of contemplation and meditation on which spirits most resonate with what you want / need.

If you want some help, you might consider using:

Sigils of Power and Transformation – Make a good decision

Daniel – Make a good decision

Aim either of these at finding the right spirits to talk to. The angels and elementals (yes, sigils of power uses elementals – didn’t know that did you?)

Regardless of whether you are working with a new paradigm – possibly one I have listed – or one you already likely knew about (angels and demons), those guidance rituals can very likely help you.


If you are curious about other paradigms, here you go:

Greek Gods:

The Old Ones:

Sumerian spirits:


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