How to Handle Difficult Transition and Change with Magick…

by admin on February 14, 2018

I know several members are going through different changes, and it can suck not to know where to go when things start collapsing.

Back in 2015 magick saved me out of the shitty situation I had been in with minimal prospects for my businesses, and no real direction in life.

Though I didn’t do a specific road opening ritual back then and sort of just went with Wealth Magick to expand myself that way, I have used magick to help others get back on their feet and to aid them in difficult times.

This has allowed me to see which ritual combinations work, and how even in difficult times – well, especially in difficult times – how magick can make it all incalculably better.

The first step is to get emotionally clear.

It may not feel like it needs to be the first step, but trust me, making decisions that affect you for years to come cannot be done with an emotionally confused mind.

This is why I recommend generous use of Tahariel from AoA, and / or Elemiah from 72 Angels of Magick.

Doing both should help you reduce any emotional duress you might have. Believe it or not I use Tahariel almost every day because im an emotional guy and life gets rough A LOT when you’re in business and you have family dogging you every day.

It’s like my spiritual aspirin I take multiple times on especially rough days. (This has been said before, but needs to be stated again)

Tahariel often works instantly, so that should help for case to case situations, whereas Elemiah is like emotional therapy, healing old wounds so they don’t bug you anymore (I used Elemiah to help me stop thinking my ex – that shit was driving me nuts!)

The next step is to figure out where you need to go from here.

Do you need a new job, or new direction for your business? Maybe that’s confusing too. For this, I’ve given the group two demonic options…

Valac can help give you suitable life direction options.

Maybe there’s a job that you’re really suited for OR a business you can start up that makes use of your talents. The angelic equivalent here is Iyahel, and Words of Power has its own road opening ritual as well.

I personally like Iyahel, because that eventually led me to help create these groups we have. That’s a priceless ritual result, honestly.

The next step once you know which direction you general want to go is to either use a job, business or general ritual to help align you with your new goal.

This means Sitael, Damebiah, or Poiel to shift your life in whatever the new direction you need.

The demonic equivalent here is Lucifuge, Bune or Seere.

I’ve used these demons AND angels for myself and others, and the results have been very strong.

Then to help make you better decisions I use WoP – Wisdom ritual, and / or Ronove for better decisions that align with my goals.

The most crucial step is to reflect deep on the road opening ritual to try to understand what that’s try to guide you towards.

If you have the confidence to do it, and because I know money is the central worry for many here, I would do a Lucifuge ritual right off the bat if you need a strong way to make an income without worrying about the others stuff.

But ill repeat it again because I saw firsthand how important it is: if you can stomach it, use some emotionally cleansing rituals starting out to help you think straight.

This is where we have to be dead honest about ourselves. If you find yourself confused, and emotionally weighed down but you don’t think you need it…please just use Tahariel once to feel the relief. It can be fast and intense.

Once you’ve gotten that down, repeated use should be a no brainer.

It is never weakness to seek out emotional support. It shows strength that we want to move on, and all spirits I’ve mentioned are more than ready to take up the challenge. Tahariel just tends to work a bit faster than the rest, so he gets my biggest recommendation (I’ve used him twice today!).

But this is the basic foundation for the transition type life changes we get, and I have used these rituals on myself and others to great effect.

When my dad messed up his moving arrangements in the summer of last year and became homeless for two weeks I used Eshaliah to help ease his emotions.

This was the lowest point of his fucking life, and it was horrible to see him so down. But somehow he kept his head together (he gets anxious and fluttered very easily, so we’re exact opposites) and the ritual with Yichuiah I had done months earlier finally kicked off and gave him a nice apartment he could easily afford.

Yichuiah has proven to be useful to find new homes and cars, among other physical things requiring a lot of money.

Lucifuge has been very successful at helping a lot of our members new jobs, businesses and other forms of income.

Sitael has been great when I’ve tried to help others find new jobs.

Iyahel has yielded very strong results when ive used it on friends who didn’t know what they wanted to do in life (saving that for future posts).

And the WoP – Wisdom ritual has help lead the way, for myself and others, to make the best decisions that most align with their life paths.

So you have many many many options for rituals here, and there are a hundred, if not thousands of different ways this can go.

You just need to pick the ritual to spark things off, then see where the new inferno of your life takes you.


Need some life direction? Maybe I can help…

Need some financial help?

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