How Luck and Magick Relate…

by admin on March 2, 2018

This can be a touchy subject for some.

How on earth can luck and magick relate, especially if you don’t believe in luck?

It’s not as touchy as you think. It’s actually quite simple in many cases.

It’s just about understanding how they work then working in reverse.

What is luck really?

All we’re talking about is a period of time when things go right (you know what im talking about).

The projects you want to succeed suddenly do.

The relationship you have randomly don’t have problems.

You feel better emotionally, and you just enjoy that it’s happening. You don’t even think about it.

That’s a lucky period. The energy cycle is high (planetary cycle) and everything just seems to work out.

Magick works well during this period because it’s just…well, good.

Very few things don’t work out during this period, and that’s when you decide to do some magick that randomly works out.

Here are some sample energy cycles:

Low energy cycle:

Dec 15 2017 – Jan 13 2018

(unlucky period)

Bloom energy cycle:

Jan 14 – Feb 17 2018

(luck period)

Transition cycle:

Feb 18 – March 31 2018

(rocky period – some things work out, major things do not)

What does this all mean? Think about it.

In some period your magick just doesn’t work out. That, or you just don’t do any magick at all.

Why is that?

You know magick works yet you choose not to work with the spirits…

Very curious, isn’t it?

You can use the spirits to boost your luck, sort of.

They can make it a little less intense, and in those periods it’s kind of different.

The energy feels different. Your body feels different. Your emotions feel leveled out.

Have you ever felt completely shitty for no reason at all. That’s likely a transition or low energy cycles fucking you up. I’m not even kidding – the energy is everything.

How does this relate to our magick?

It has everything to do with what we do. Want a project to work out? Most likely won’t during a transition cycle (the lessons are different than low energy).

Very few things work out during a low cycle. Relationships are shit. Even people that you trust and love seem a little…odd. Don’t they?

The key spirits I use to offset these cycles are very unique – kind of obscure.

Sitael – Offsets bad luck and low / transition cycles

Lelahel – Creates more luck for personal / professional projects; mildly offsets bad luck for transition cycles

Lucifuge (forcalor) – Creates more luck in personal life and smaller projects; mildly offsets bad luck for low energy cycles

Orobas – Offsets back luck and low / transition cycles

These spirits offer a very powerful range of luck boosting / bad luck reducing powers that can benefit anyone.

Should you talk to these spirits only when things are going bad?

That’s kind of like asking if you should only talk to your friends when you have problems. No one likes that shit.

Work with them when times are good and bad and see what happens. It will deepen your relationship with them and you’ll reap the reward over time.

Honestly, this is sort of bigger than magick.

If you’ve been in a shitty cycle and haven’t used magick in a while, maybe it’s the time to bust out your books and do a few rituals.

These spirits respond well to all life situations – that’s kind of their purpose, they’re here to help humans.

Oddly enough, some might feel sheepish and not want help from the spirits.

That’s a bit dumb, don’t you think?

If the spirits are here to help you, why not use that help to boost your situation.

That’s like avoiding money you have saved up just because you don’t want to use it up. The money always comes and goes, and so do your problems. Use it when you need it.

Period. The end.

Some don’t even think to use magick when life gets rough. Equally as frustrating, don’t you think?

Kind of like not writing down an important idea when you first think of it.

One it’s gone, it’s gone, right?

Just don’t be that person that doesn’t prepare. Who doesn’t use the tools they have when life gets rough.

It’s never as rough as you think. It’s always less bad in hindsight.

Think about it. Isn’t it?

Luck and magick relate because magick is constantly flowing throughout our lives, but we don’t see it that way.

And the luck is just low and high energy cycles pushing and pulling us in different ways; we judge the energy as good and bad depending on how it makes us feel.

Very simple, isn’t it?

All I’m saying is that bad luck, good luck…whatever, can be dealt with easily if you know what you’re dealing with.

Sort of like using all those tools you don’t consider when times get rough.

The magick can boost and help you manage all that IF you allow it to.


Need a lucky break?

Need a money boost?


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