How I Used Angels to Explode My Biz Efforts…

by admin on February 9, 2018

This is a very unique post. I wanted to write on this for some time but haven’t been on the forum in literally years.

When I realized how powerful this was to enhance daily life, I was hooked.

Think of this like people avoiding using smart phones because they don’t like a technology they can’t fully understand.

It might feel / look dangerous. There might be a lot of hearsay about the dangers of it. But if you closely examine it and just observe what’s really going on, the results can be literally life changing.

Not even joking about the misconceptions of this stuff.

Yes, I am talking about using angels to boost my biz.

Does it work?

You bet your ass it works.

Is it dangerous?

It’s like befriending a very powerful person who can help you, but if you disrespect them, they could literally take you out of you’re a complete ass to them.

Just don’t be an ass, and you’re golden.

Make sense?

* * *

I first used angels to boost my cash flow.

It was simple enough, just $20 and $50 over several months (I can’t explain my specific methods here for various reasons – this is just an informative post).

Once I saw real concrete results, I then applied it to my businesses.

I had already let go of my SEO biz.

I did international SEO for a handful of companies that paid me a monthly fee, and I had one or two sites that made me decent $$.

Very simple, and honestly would have been an amazing test for this, but it just didn’t sync up right.

So I used it on my copywriting/ email marketing biz.

This was a mix of email copywriting (writing for clients) and expanding my own marketing efforts so that each email / sales page I made created more “bang”.

I found that my marketing efforts expanded in a way.

I was split testing in very unique ways. I setup very similar pages with different elements and my sales funnels were just two or three pages long but each page rotated out based on where/how each person clicked.

I realized after the fact that no one in my particular industry split tests this deeply. Honestly, that was a startling point of reflection that I was the only one testing that deeply.

It should be noted at this point that I constrained myself to using angels.

They each have very unique powers – like experts of their own fields – and they are more than willing to help you out IF you are respectful and require zero payment for their help.

They literally just want to see you do well, and it was shocking to see how simple / easy it was to put everything together (the only b*tch sometimes is waiting for results – but patience is truly a virtue here).

I then applied it to my facebook groups that I sadly had not monetized at the time.

My posts popularity and member feedback grew within a week to pretty freakin surreal levels.

The group had about 700 – 800 members, of whom perhaps 100 – 200 were active.

I did not realize that this set the foundation for me in the future, literally this year where I now see how to create a group from scratch making it very popular with fresh content several times a week.

I even attacked my writing ability. No more writers block for this guy.

There were a few angels that specialize in writing often and well, and that works like gangbusters for this.

I wrote 1000 – 2000 words PER DAY for these groups (I just had two), and I split tested marketing ideas within the groups to see WHO responded to WHAT (and yes, I am a copywriter).

Did this add to my bottom line – profit??

Yep, but it was over time and was not necessarily an immediate change.

It was all very subtle that one change a month ago led to literally impressing new clients with my ideas 2 – 3 months later. Very interesting how that worked out.

How do I know that this was the angels and not just my own efforts?

Let’s just say that I have tested it with and without the angels, and it was no contest.

Think of this as driving to work versus taking the trolley, then the bus, then the trolley against just to get to work every-freakin-day.

It’s the same end result, but really, honestly, not even close.

How you get there matters, and they boosted all my ideas, my efficiency, even my work ethic and persistence to the point where I literally 3x – 4x my business over the course of 6 – 18 months.

Was it an overnight change?

We must be very careful about what we’re talking about here.

Sometimes I asked for emotional changes that happened as I did my rituals (very simple btw, nothing complex), and other times I asked for stuff that I could see immediately that blossomed over time.

Yep, I used rituals to get me out of emotional ruts (literally depression that I didn’t even know I had – very horrible time in my life).

Yep, I used them to make my money stretch further when freakin paypal limited my account and I couldn’t do jack in terms of bringing in $$ (we’ve all had periods like this, am I right?).

Yep, I used them to protect my businesses and personal life from people who were very nasty/ evil/ crappy etc (you don’t know how amazing protection is until you NEED it – seriously).

Spirit protection is necessary and yes, it was VERY much needed. NO question about that at all.

Like having a lock on your front door, or password on your accounts – you just need that to prevent unscrupulous people from messing up your life.

The dark side of the occult is actually A LOT lighter and brighter than you imagine.

Nothing is as dark or mysterious as you think.

It just takes thorough examination and a willingness to explore to make it all happen.


Looking to enhance your money life?

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